Relieve your boredom with the party game Drawful 2 free on Steam

Drawful (Image credit: Jackbox Games)

Jackbox Games is the king of the pointless and hilarious party game. You might have even played the Jackbox Party Pack, with awesome games like Trivia Murder Party 2 and Push the Button, at a party or on Twitch. Now you can get the game Drawful 2 absolutely free with a Steam code that works on PC, Mac, or Linux. You can also find it on Apple TV's app store or the Mac App Store for free.

This is a standalone game that isn't a part of a party pack or anything like that. The game challenges players to draw from a prompt on your smartphone or tablet. The prompts include ridiculous topics like "creepy tiger" and "two moms having a great day." Then the other players will write down what they think the prompt is based on the picture and everyone votes for the most likely choice. Because the prompts are crazy and the pictures are probably bad (I am not a talented artist myself), the result is a bunch of hilarious guesses and a lot of fun.

The second version improves on the first with some new features. For example, you can add user-generated prompts for even weirder games that include inside jokes from your friends and things like that. It's also modernized for streamers, so if you have an audience of dozens of people on Twitch or YouTube or wherever you stream, they can all play with you! There isn't any online matchmaking or anything like that, though, so you'll need a way to share your screen (i.e. via streaming) to play with people not in your immediate vicinity.

You will need a Steam account to redeem this code, and you are limited to just one copy of it. If you try to add more than one, it won't let you check out.

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