Red HTC One M8 pictured in Taiwan

Despite leaks of the handset in blue, red and pink, we've yet to see HTC officially announce any more colors for the One M8 besides the standard grey, silver and gold. Yet in HTC's home country of Taiwan, we've already got a live sighting of the red M8 to back up the earlier leaked render.

According to a local forum report, the red M8 is in stock at some retailers, and the news is backed up by photos of a real life red HTC One M8 in its retail packaging. There's no word on when this color option might reach the rest of the world, but an earlier sighting of the red M8 with Verizon branding suggests a U.S. release could be on the cards.

Red HTC One M8

Source: Mobile01; via: PhoneArena

Alex Dobie
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  • A new day. Another new color. I don't know how they get away with this. Why don't they just release all the colors at once. Now someone who bought a gunmetal but wanted a red one is pissed. Posted via Android Central App
  • With the M7 I wanted the black model, I had to have it, it was so svelte looking and at the time no other Android devices rivaled it in design. When it came close to launch day, turned out that only ATT was getting black at launch, and me being on Sprint (and also a huge fan of being an early adopter), I dropped my black preorder that would've taken weeks to receive and settled on the silver model. Later that year Sprint exclusively launched the red model, red's my favorite color so obviously I was disappointed, but in the end it really doesn't matter. Anyone that wants another color knows that these things never launch at once (with the exception of iPhones).
  • I'm on board with you on this, man. I wanted that Red M7 too (I was stuck with the Black). Never again will I purchase at launch. Well, it probably won't matter for the M8... While I've waited for the Red M8, the LG G3 and Nexus 6 (rumored) are on the leak. I see my streak of HTC loyalty coming to an end (OG EVO, EVO 4G LTE, HTC M7, @^*&$*......LG G3/Nexus 6?). Who knows?
  • Considering that most people out cases on their phones, I don't why color is such a big deal... Posted via Android Central App
  • With the m8 I think most people do not use a case because the phone itself is to damn sexy Posted via Android Central App