Recon Jet

Recon Jet, the sports-focused heads-up display glasses made by Recon Instruments, have had their launch date pushed back yet again. According to an email sent out to prospective buyers and pre-orderers alike, Recon Instruments explains that as production gets ready to ramp up the company won't be able to make the previous late Spring deadline for shipments. Instead, it is pushing the date back to September 25th of this year, and while having a specific date is an improvement the several-month delay may turn off many potential buyers.

The company says that last-minute discoveries and a redesign of the hardware have added too much time to the process of getting the glasses out the door to customers, and it just wasn't feasible to stick to the Spring launch. Accompanying this shipping delay is a price increase, from $599 to $699, for all orders placed going forward. Those who have plunked down the money previously will still be locked in to their price, at least.

Further, Recon Instruments is committing to regular updates on the progress of their product, saying that they will keep customers in the loop on the following dates: June 5th, July 17th, August 7th, September 4th and finally September 25th when they finally begin shipping. By the time the Recon Jet ships it will be well over a year since their announcement — it'll be interesting to see how many people hang on to the end.