Recon announces better camera images, ANT+ support, and updated production schedule for Jet

Recon has just announced some updates to its production schedule for the Recon Jet wearable glasses. According to the company, despite the change in schedule, Recon will still increase the price of the Jet to $699 later this year, noting that customers who order early will still be able to lock in the lower price and get a free set of lenses with their order.

Here is the updated schedule for Jet's production:

  • Last Friday, the 8th: Final prototype builds begin, based on final released designs. The August 8 versions were SLA/rapid prototype builds and they exceeded the team's expectations.
  • Late September: First sample units come off the manufacturer's hard tool.
  • Late October: Production validation builds roll out and formal field testing begins with 3rd party testers.
  • Late December: Final pre-production units are received for final testing and validation.
  • Late January to March: Production units begin to roll.

In addition to the updated production schedule for the Recon Jet, the company also announced that the built-in camera is now able to produce better images with improved dynamic range. Also, ANT+ support has been added, which would allow Jet to tap into the many heart-rate sensors available.

Is the Jet something you're interested in?