Razer is shutting down the cloud storage for the Nextbit Robin

When it was released in early 2016, the Nextbit Robin featured something we hadn't seen before or since: rather than being able to be expanded via microSD, the Robin offered every user 100GB of cloud storage for backing up infrequently used files and apps.

The world has changed for Nextbit and the Robin since then, with the company itself being sold to Razer and sales for the Robin stopping immediately afterwards. Warranty support ended six months later, and today the company announced that all users would be signed out of the Smart Storage feature on March 1st. The Verge reports that customers will need to have all their cloud-saved data backed up by that date. The sync server will be shut down on January 15th, and app restore will not work after then. Customers who want to keep using their Robin after that date will need to manually pin the apps to the device.

The spirit of the Nextbit Robin lives on in the Razer Phone, but that doesn't make things any easier for current users who loved the Robin. Are you still using your Nextbit Robin? Let us know down below!

Tom Westrick