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Razer Phone: Specs, pricing and availability!

After acquiring Nextbit in early 2017, Razer has announced the end goal of this project: the Razer Phone, a high-end phone targetted towards gamers. The Razer Phone has high-end internals, a super-smooth screen and a low key design that matches with the company's subdued gaming laptops.

Watch our hands-on preview

Before getting ahead of ourselves, you'll want to bring yourself up to speed with the Razer Phone by watching our hands-on preview! Then, you can read all of the details in the written preview as well.

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Those specs

Any device designated for gamers needs to have high-end specifications, and the Razer phone more than meets that standard. Highlights inside include a Snapdragon 835, 64GB of internal storage (expandable via microSD) and a 4000 mAh battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0. More notable are the 120Hz screen, a first for smartphones, the whopping 8GB of RAM and the stereo front facing speakers with dual amplifiers.

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It's running Nougat

Razer Phone

One downside is the software: the phone ships with Android 7.1.1 Nougat, rather than the newer Android 8.0 Oreo. An update to Oreo is promised for early 2018, but it's a shame it couldn't come along for the launch of the phone.

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It includes Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher is our favorite launcher at Android Central, and it's a fan favorite as well. Razer was wise and decided to enlist Nova's help for the Razer Phone, and to that end the phone includes a special version of Nova Launcher Prime out of the box. Because this is running as a system application, it includes the Google Feed without the user jumping through hoops.

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There isn't a headphone jack

Razer Phone

Pour another one out for the audiophiles: Razer has embraced the #donglelife and decided not to include a headphone jack. On the bright side, the included dongle is THX-certified, which is ... something. But remember you also have those huge stereo speakers as well.

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The screen will automatically adjust to what you're doing

Running a 120Hz screen 24 hours a day would quickly drain any battery, but Razer has thought ahead: just like the iPad Pro, the screen will automatically detect what you're doing and adjust the refresh rate accordingly. Playing a fast-paced game? You get the full 120Hz. Watching a movie or TV show? The screen will refresh at 24Hz instead.

You don't have to know what the refresh rate is at any given time, but you'll sure notice how smooth everything is.

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Some games will be optimized for the Razer Phone

Razer Phone

A 120Hz display doesn't do much good if game developers don't take advantage of that, but Razer has worked with some developers to make sure their games are optimized for the high refresh rate display. At launch, those games will be:

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It will be on sale soon

Razer Phone

The Razer Phone will be available beginning November 17 in North America and Europe for $699/ €749 / £699. The phone will launch on Three in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden, in North America, the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden, in select Microsoft Store locations and lastly on Amazon in the U.S.

See at Razer

  • Why gorilla glass 3
  • I'm sure it's better at some things than 4 or 5... My guess is nextbit had a bunch of sheets leftover and they thought waste not want not.
  • Surprise!!! No Verizon, No phone.
  • I love Verizon's service but I'm pretty sick of missing out on some many phones like this...Huawei and OnePlus have been so intriguing but alas we are left with only dreams... Biggest carrier in the US and they basically carry 4 brands of phones...
  • Yea, Verizon seems to be a pain to be certified for. Verizon might be big here in the usa but the rest of the world is gsm.
  • They don't want to put the Qualcomm modem in the phone. They don't want the expense. What they don't realize is that VZW customers want unlocked phones too. Since now we pay full price, I shop brand independent of what VZW has. I had a Nexus 6P, tried the Essential PH-1 (I'll look at V2 of this and the iPhone X) and now I have an unlock LG G6. It just means they blow off 1/3 of the US market. Okay, I'll buy HTC, LG, Apple or Essential.
  • How was the Essential on Verizon? No Wifi calling, right? Did they let u install the visual voicemail app?
  • Is this phone going to be compatible with T-mobile service????
  • It's only going to work on GSM networks, so yeah.
  • Anyone know if this thing has an AOD?
  • It has a SD slot? Gooooooooood... Wouldn't be worth its salt as a high end gaming device if it didn't.
  • Runescape lol
  • Anyone else a little surprised the logo isn't chroma?
  • I wonder if it will be possible to buy the type c dongle separately and if so, will it also enhance other smartphones audio quality without any software work.
  • My guess would be "no," as the DAC is likely built into the phone. But I could be wrong, and it could be built into the dongle, as some have reported. I'd think that'd make the dongle stupid-expensive though.
  • Maybe I'm wrong, but as far as I know the DAC has to be in the adapter... Again, as far as I know, USB-C can't carry analogue signals, so the adapter takes in the digital info from the USB-C connector, converts it to an analogue signal and outputs it through the 3.5mm jack. I suppose they technically COULD carry an analogue signal through a couple of pins serving double duty... But that seems like it would be out of spec... Then again, what company actually cares about the standards? That's probably exactly what they're doing. I think we need a grown-up... Or even better, a Jerry.
  • I'm no expert, but the HTC U11 dongle includes a DAC - a DAC which had its firmware updated at least once. The consensus is that this DAC is pretty decent, and yet HTC were selling them for £7 (inc delivery) direct from their site. So either HTC are taking a financial hit, or these things just don't cost much to make.
    I may be wrong, but I'm sure all Snapdragon chips have an integrated DAC anyway - which the phone would need for sounds played through the phone's speakers.
  • Probably.
    You can buy plenty of them now.
    I can see a whole market for decent USB-C DACs.
  • This phone will be a total pos. Fair warning.
  • At least it will stand out in the sea of glass, fragile bezel-less phones and those front firing speakers!
  • And that's your opinion, with no other statements backing it up.
  • I'm happy it's being sold at Amazon..5 payment plan here I come. As long as it's for sale by Amazon.
  • Also T-Mobile and Razer are in talks of having it on their service via a plan and I'm sure JOD. If I could insert a pic I'd do so but here is a link between both CEOs