Less cheating and better friend management are welcome changes

We already told you how to fix the endless notifications from QuizUp, and now the developers have started to address the next biggest issue — cheaters. Today's update now causes you to surrender if you try to open the notification bar, which apparently was used for a popular cheat method. Cached images are also removed on application start, which also could give some crafty cheater and advantage. The full changelog:

  • Automatic surrender when opening notification bar during match (to prevent cheating)
  • Removing cached question images on start
  • Playing on a WiFi through proxy working
  • Facebook friends immediately shown when linking with an email account
  • Level circle and questions now visible after async challenge game
  • Fixed a bug in level indicator value when accepting a challenge
  • Names in friend feed now clickable
  • Small bug fixes and ui improvements

All welcome changes to a great game, keeping it fun. Grab it at the Google Play Store link above.