This dual-layer case can snap on around the Moto G 2015 all together, or by separating the layers and installing the skin first. The inner TPU is just thick enough to handle severe impacts, poking through at the top, bottom, edges, and lip around the display. While the phone is faced down, that TPU lip keeps the display raised plenty enough from any flat surface.

The polycarbonate shell that sits on top features a few lines on the back to add some flare, along with a series of cutouts for the TPU to squeeze through — adding to the overall grip. Around the camera cutout is a glossy plastic painted black to match the skin. Along the right side of the case you'll find raised TPU buttons to enhance your press and cutouts for the charging/auxiliary ports at the top and bottom.

Cruzerlite Case for Moto G 2015

The Cruzerlite Case feels great around the Moto G 2015 — not too bulky or slippery. Even with that smooth plastic shell there's enough grip surrounding it to help keep the device in your hands and off the ground. No issues with pocket storage either. For casual protection, it's definitely a decent choice for its $7.49 price tag. You can snag it in metal (as pictured), black, gold, pink, silver, or teal.

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