Amzer Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Measuring 3.5-inches in diameter, it provides enough surface area to enable wireless charging for most smartphones and tablets without constantly adjusting for the perfect placement. Its 1/4-inch thickness makes it a slim sidekick to any desk or nightstand, too. The entire charging pad is made of a glossy plastic, featuring a silver Amzer logo slapped dead center on the surface. Along the edge, you'll find a small charging LED that stays green while plugged in, flashing blue/green while charging.

There's no rubber lining on the surface, so keeping your devices from sliding off the pad may become an issue, especially if you drop it on in a hurry. The underside on the other hand, has rubber feet that will prevent the pad as a whole from moving on any tabletop. Included with the Amzer Qi Wireless Charging Pad is a 40-inch microUSB charging cable sans power block. As with other wireless charging pads we've seen thus far, charging will be a bit slow going at the standard 1A rate. It's all about the convenience though, right?

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  • Slim design
  • Small charging LED
  • Included microUSB cable


  • Missing anti-slip surface
  • Power block not included

Our take

This is your basic wireless charging pad, and while it's not perfect in design it still manages to keep your Qi-compatible devices charged up. Even without a wall wart to utilize, we don't usually see wireless chargers come with them anymore — leaving it up to our PC's, laptops and existing power blocks to do the deed. Currently priced at $29.99 straight from ShopAndroid, it's certainly not the most inexpensive wireless charging pad on the market. Still, it seems to be built well and compliments a cable-free lifestyle as good as the rest.

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