Amzer Hybrid Kickstand Case

If you don't mind adding some chunk to your LG G4, this hybrid kickstand case from Amzer does a fine job at absorbing impacts and adding a little extra convenience for watching movies on the go. Check out how it looks from front to back along with some additional deets past the break.

The first layer that wraps around the LG G4 is an extremely flexible silicone that features a unique pattern inside, leaving cutouts for everything you'd expect. This skin has a real gel feeling to it, and is smooth to the touch. It's a real stickler for picking up dirt and other debris in the corners, though. Hugging that silicone interior is a durable polycarbonate exoskeleton that's just thick enough to compliment the silicone edges quite nicely. Each cutout around the camera, speaker and ports is open enough for most charging and auxiliary cables to go in without a hitch.

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The fold-out kickstand on the back is easily accessed with your fingernail, sliding open another stand underneath that locks into place when fully extended. While the exterior kickstand feels plenty strong enough for daily use, the support underneath is pretty flimsy. Every time I open it, I feel the need to be extra careful not to break it. Once secured into place, though, it's smooth surfing. You can lay it vertically or on its side, depending on your preference, but is probably best in landscape position when watching videos.

A few simple drop tests proved the case's durability, showing that the 4 corners where the silicone stands out do most of the protecting. Both layers together around the LG G4 grant substantial grip, too.


  • Easy installation
  • Great impact absorption
  • Built-in kickstand


  • Silicone picks up dirt and debris
  • Questionable kickstand support
  • A bit on the bulky side

Our take

At a reasonable price of $7.95 from, you can't really argue with the level of protection that you're getting for the money. It's certainly not the thinnest case on the market, but it'll hold up to everyday use and the occasional drop. If you don't mind babying that built-in kickstand, it's likely you'll get a good lifespan out of this case as well. All in all, definitely not a bad budget case for the LG G4.

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