Quento for Android

Look, I'm not a math guy. Ask anybody. My wife. Any one of my grade-school teachers. My first-grade daughter. My 2-year-old daughter. They know I don't do math worth a damn. So what am I doing playing a game all morning that involves adding and subtracting? Moreover, why am I still playing it now?

Fresh off a successful launch of iOS, Quento has come to Android.

Quento for AndroidQuento for Android

For the life of me, I don't know. But there's something about Quento that keeps me coming back. Maybe it's that need for basic brain stimulation without any real work attached. Can you add two numbers together to come up with a third? Or maybe subtract one from another? That's Quento. The initial trick is that the numbers and the operators have to be touching each other. No big dea, right? Throw a third integer (see, I did pay attention just a tad) into the mix to remind your brain that, OK, a little thinking never hurt anybody. Finish three rounds of two-number strings and three rounds of three-bangers, and you move on to a new board. 

Yeah. That's simple. 

Quento for AndroidQuento for Android

For a little variety, there's a free-play option. No requirements as to length of the string. Just come up with the correct sum. If you're really enjoying things (you crazy math person, you), you can upgrade the free game for 99 cents and get 4- and 5-number strings. One plus two plus three minus six plus 17 equals something or other. You're limited to addition and subtraction for now, but we're cool with that.

A couple quick pro tips: You can swipe through the game, if hunting and pecking's not your thing. Also, you can dive into negative numbers, if that's what it takes to get things done.