This Snapdragon 775 leak points to a massive upgrade for the Google Pixel 6

Qualcomm Snapdragon 765
Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 (Image credit: Qualcomm)

What you need to know

  • A leaked document allegedly contains specs for the rumored Snapdragon 775 chipset.
  • The new chip will reportedly be built using a 5nm process for improved efficiency over the Snapdragon 765.
  • The Snapdragon 775 will likely be aimed at premium mid-range smartphones as well as some flagship models.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 was one of the most popular chipsets in 2020, powering many of the best cheap Android phones and even some of the best Android phones to hit the market last year. Its popularity was fueled by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing OEMs to offer lower-cost smartphones with flagship-level features. It's been widely expected that Qualcomm would launch a follow-up this year, and we may have just gotten a first look at what to expect from this rumored Snapdragon 775.

A document was spotted on a Telegram channel (via XDA-Developers) with what appears to be a list of specifications for the upcoming chipset. According to the document, the Snapdragon 775 will allegedly be built using a 5nm process, similar to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. This would indicate better power efficiency than its predecessor, which was built using a 7nm process.

Source: Telegram (Image credit: Source: Telegram)

Interestingly, the CPU cores are updated to a Kryo 600-series setup, which could point to a drastic improvement over the Kryo 475 CPU from the previous chip. The Spectra 570 Image Processing Unit also could support simultaneous capture from three 28MP cameras. Other notable features include 4K60 video capture, 3200MHz LPDDR5 RAM, dual-channel USF 3.1 storage, WiFi 6E, and dual-mode 5G which includes mmWave support. What's interesting is how many of these specs match or rival the recently announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, so it'll be interesting to see how the Snapdragon 775 will be positioned.

According to XDA-Developers, the document has been verified, but the information on it could be outdated, meaning these specs may change by the time it's announced. Even so, this document gives a good look at what to expect from premium mid-range smartphones. Given that the Snapdragon 765 was used in last year's Google Pixel 5, the upcoming Snapdragon 775 could very well power some flagships this year like the Google Pixel 6, which is expected to launch in the fall.

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  • Pixel 6 XL will be my next phone.
  • Assuming Whitechapel doesn't pan out
  • Will be very disappointed if pixel 6 comes with these mediocre chips.
  • Isn’t the SD 775 damn near Flagship level? This level of performance is perfectly fine imo
  • If it doesn't have a 8 series snap dragon I don't want it. Plus my s21 ultra should be good for a while..
  • Love my Pixel 4 XL, if the 775 SoC can effectively handle 120Hz with great battery life then I'll bite
  • I desire a pixel6 xl? The triple8 processer, upgraded cameras, micro s/d, the jack, a 5000mamp 🔋. A 6.5 120hz display. Wishful 🤔thinking, yep!
  • Actually what you are wishing for can so easily be done! Why any of these OEM's refuse to create the best phone possible is beyond me. There's ALWAYS a compromise somewhere and yet they still charge exorbitant prices. Would the price go up significantly if they were to do what you (and many others) wish for???
    Nope! But they still will not do it. Stupid companies!
  • And these are the very reason I stopped being a spec *****. Now instead of paying high prices for horsepower when a midrange phone can run the most demanding apps just fine for nearly half the cost, I investigate if the phone can handle what I need it for. Instead of the Pixel 5 or the Galaxy 21, I went with the Pixel 4a 5g for $350 and couldn't be happier, especially in the pockets. I will never spend money again for a Lamborghini when a Hellcat can get the job done.
  • I have a Oneplus Nord for the same reason :)
  • I dont care which processor a phone has as long as it works well. My G8 Thinq has the Sd 855 and its great. My Moto G7 had an Sd 632 and it was fine for my needs. As long as it works good the name is just scribbles on a spec sheet.
  • Yeah, as much as I care about performance there comes a time where enough power will get you through.
  • Pixel 6/6XL with that Qualcomm chipset? really huh? forget it if Google cancelled the Custom Chip x Samsung Collaboration. BRUH, you know I'll not buy Google Branded Phone if that's a case.
  • Google's strength is in software. Using an adequate SoC might lose a few sales from people who obsess about SD numbers, but is likely to gain a lot more from people who don't see why they have to pay such high prices for a phone.
    I didn't buy the 5 because the sound quality from the under screen speaker is not good enough and because mm wave 5G is not included in my country. If those issues get fixed in the 6, really the 765 would be adequate.