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Qik details what an extra $5 a month will get you (and we're OK with free)

Now that the Evo 4G is all official and everything, Qik has explained exactly what you'll get if you give them an extra $5 a month for "premium" service. And they've done so in handy chart form. Higher resolution (we assume at the Evo front camera's full 1280x960) video and video e-mail are great, but we're just not sure how often we're going to use video chat. Check out the full list after the break. [Qik blog]

Fun fact: We (and a bunch of you, too) were still getting e-mails from Sprint that mentioned (in the fine print) the $5 like it was mandatory. It's optional. Period.

  • Until lots of people I know use it, I will stick with the free programs.
  • FREE !
  • I almost vomited all over that commercial. LAAAAAAAAME.
  • Can't get Qik video chat to work. Called Sprint Tech support said that Qik dropped the ball and to use Fring until it is fixed. Weird
  • Until you are ready to commit to using it alot for video, I assume a lot of people will stick with free.
  • Ok, seriously? Getting a little tired of hearing that this phone and that phone have these awesome features, .... but you're gonna have to pay more for them. Maybe it's just me, but I am of the mind that maybe if you buy something you should be able to use the item to it's fullest capabilities without any extra fees, well, BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT IT ALREADY! It's not fair to give people a "lite" version of video chat and suggest to pay more for a better version. Apparently it's not enough just to buy the device anymore. Paying your monthly fees is something we all gotta do. Minutes, data, text, blah blah's unavoidable. I get it. But we the consumers start to pay for extra things that should be free? C'mon! video chat is ONE of the main features of the phone. We should already be able to use all those extra options listed in the chart from the get go without paying more! Whatever....I guess these guys gotta stay rich some how, yes? Let's see how many more extra services/devices will pop up to bleed us techy geeks dry...
  • I agree with you ozpain. It's no longer good enough to buy the equipment. Now they want to charge you a monthly fee to use YOUR equipment. If the features are in MY phone? What gives them the right to charge me to use what I own. It is against the law to sell "up to" 1 gallon (or pound etc) of anything. But communications companies all sell the internet as "up to" then artifically limit it bellow what we bought. Sounds like bait & switch to me.
  • Uh, they're charging for the SERVICE guys. Where have you been? Are you totally unfamiliar with websites giving away certain services for free with the hopes that some users will pay for additional features and therefor, subsidize all the users that are only using the free services? Do you think that Qik can somehow provide free video streaming and video chat without any kind of revenue stream? I guess to make you guys happy they would just not include the Qik app at all or include it and just hike everyone's bill by a few dollars without any option. It's not like they're selling you a phone that runs at half speed and asking for $5/mo to enable the processor to run at full speed.
  • O kaaaaaay "ShortySk8n".....I was merely making the observation that if the phone has the capability to do SOMETHING.....Than it should do it without me having to pay extra for it....But I guess you don't have to worry about money now, do you...Look, if it can do it, than I should be able to use it without having to pay more. More simply, if I purchase an extended battery, I don't have to continually pay the company because it provides extra juice to the phone. After all, it's what it does. You buy it for the extra juice. All I'm saying is its a bit tiring to keep seeing devices pop up with all the bells and whistles, and you gotta pay to hear them make some sound.... Also....Work for Qik much? Sprint maybe???? :)
  • No, I don't work for Sprint or Qik, I have no affiliation with either, except for being a Sprint customer. I'm not sure why having the most basic understanding of how business works would make me suspect of some bias. I agree, if you purchase an extended life battery, you shouldn't have to pay a monthly fee. Apparently Sprint does too, since they don't have any fees associated with different batteries. What we're talking about here is a SERVICE that provides something of value to you on an on-going basis. What is so difficult to comprehend? Qik is not owned by Sprint, they are an independent business. Where do you think they get the money to develop the software, pay for their servers that are hosting and streaming your video, and pay for their bandwidth? I suppose you also expect all Android apps to be free also since you have already paid for the phone that runs the operating system. After all, you've already paid the hardware, everything else should be free, right? We all know that's how it is with PC's, I pay a computer and then never pay a dime for any software or service that I use with it, right? In case you missed it, that last paragraph was all sarcasm.
  • Evan you might be correct in the case of Qik. But how about tethering? I'm all ready paying for unlimited internet at X speed. If my phone is capable of tethering? What gives the service providers the right to limit my use of their service that I'm PAYING for? It is like Ford selling me a 10 passanger vechicle but telling me I can only carry 2 people unless I pay more for the vechicle.
  • so, *ahem* that was directed towards you, Evan....with all do respect of course!
  • On tethering, I can see both sides. Believe me, I sure wish it were free too, but I understand why they charge for it. Obviously, internet usage is different on a computer than a phone. People tend to use a computer for longer periods and a computer is simply more capable of consuming bandwidth. Their data pricing is a reflection of typical usage patterns for people using their phones, not computers. I think the best analogy I can make is it would be similar to a gas company selling charging you $200/mo for unlimited gas for your Prius, but you wanting to use that same plan when you decide to drive your Hummer instead.
  • Ozpain I think you were talking to Evan? I was agreeing with you.
  • why yes....yes i was. My apologies good sir.
  • Yeah.... the qik app on my Evo won'y even open up! It says it crashed and tells me to "force close." My first experience with Android.... hmmm... i'm not completely disappointed, but come on. I cannot open the app.
  • I'd hit it. Hope their service isn't as bad as the quality of that commercial.
  • Sprint should buy Qik and Fring and make it work. Sprint can put out a better commercial and brag about being the first carrier to offer video voicemail in the US. But offer the service included with your plan with no extra cost. Qik is either hoping to be purchased or for EVO customers to start a new trend of being profitable and push their services on more products. I'm sure Apple will be coming out with something with their front facing camera on their phone.