Put 1TB of storage in your pocket for less with this incredible Cyber Monday SSD deal

Sabrent Rocket Nano Lifestyle
Sabrent Rocket Nano Lifestyle (Image credit: Sabrent)

With so much being digital these days, it seems like there's never enough storage, and that's why this Sabrent external hard drive Cyber Monday deal is such a steal. You can get a full terabyte of storage that easily fits in your favorite bag or even your pocket for under $120. That's 25% off the original price.

From files to photos and so much more in between, digital storage is essential and can get expensive. That's why when you come across a high capacity storage solution for less, you have to take advantage of it. Sometimes you need more than just a microSD card, and the only thing that can get the job done is a portable hard drive. Because not all hard drives are created equal, it's important to find a high-quality option to keep your data safe, and Sabrent makes some of the best.

The Rocket Nano destroys the old idea that external hard drives have to be slow and bulky. This hard drive is smaller than a credit card and can process data at speeds up to 10/Gb/s — that's very fast. Because it's a solid-state drive (SSD) there' are no moving parts to break, and the processing can be so much faster than traditional hard drives.

The Rocket Nano is made from durable high-grade aluminum so it not only looks good but is durable too. By using an SSD and an aluminum casing, you don't have to worry about damaging your hard drive when you toss it into your bag.

Sabrent also took into consideration connectivity when it made the Rocket Nano. This drive uses the very common and straightforward to use USB-C standard to save you from carrying especially cables by getting rid of proprietary ports. Simply plug in a USB-C to C or USB-A to C cable to begin transferring your data — and Sabrent is nice enough to include each of those cables in the box.

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