The Pushbullet app and Chrome extension are combined make one of our favorite tools, and now you can compose and send SMS text messages through your phone, right from the browser. It's all relatively simple — sign in on both the phone and the browser and click on the little Pushbullet button in Chrome to compose and reply to messages. As always, these messages are sent via your phone, so everything is received and sent with your phone number.

To make things easier, the Pushbullet update adds support for autocomplete contact selection. If you're into privacy and such things, you can disable the syncing of your address book from your phone in the Pushbullet settings on your phone.

As always, Pushbullet works in Chrome on Windows, OS X, Chrome OS, and even Linux. The update brings some parity with Google Voice's slow integration with Google Hangouts. Though in Pushbullet's case it works with your existing number and doesn't require you to either get a new number for the service or surrender your current number as Google Voice does.

Source: Pushbullet