Pushbullet introduces Remote Files

Pushbullet has introduced a new feature for both free and paid users, Remote Files. With this, you'll be able to both browse and request files from other devices and have them pushed right to the phone you are using. You can browse and request any file, as long as the machine is on, so they don't have to be located in a certain folder or anything. In addition to being able to request on your phone from the computer, you can do it the opposite as well, requesting items from your phone on your computer.

Remote Files works whether the two devices are right next to each other, or on opposite sides of the world. As mentioned above, both devices will need to be on in order for the feature to request the files, it won't be able to talk to them if they are offline. Right now, the feature only works on Android and Windows.

You can grab the latest Pushbullet for Android update from Google Play now. For full details on how it works, be sure to check out the link below.

Source: Pushbullet