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Prototype, details of Amazon's smartphone leaks out

Today we're getting our first look at what may well be Amazon's first foray into the smartphone arena, courtesy of a scoop from BGR. What we see here is a prototype, BGR writes, and clearly shows some of the interesting hardware features. A series of cameras on the front of the 4.7-inch device are said to be of the infrared variety, used to track your face and eyes to change how things look on the display, giving a 3D effect without the usual 3D hangups.

Additionally, TechCrunch reports that the flagship phone, codenamed "Duke," will run Amazon's Android-based FireOS.

We've previously seen 3D display devices die on the vine, some years ago, not really making it past a single generation of phones and tablets.

There's also supposed to be a 13-megapixel rear camera and a traditional front-facing camera as well.

Rumors of an Amazon smartphone have circulated for years — as early as 2012, actually. The Wall Street Journal last week reported that some sort of 3D phone would be ready to ship in September.

Source: BGR

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  • Bezel! Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra
  • Prototype!
  • Smartphones!
  • Loud noises!
  • Donkey!
  • Monkeys!
  • Junkies
  • Drunkies!
  • +1 Posted via Android Central App
  • This is Redinkey Donkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yeah, look at the other pics. It's a "bumper". Looks like the phone will look like a mix of an Xperia Z2 and an iPhone.
  • You are now witness to the systematic destruction of Unbuntu, Firefox OS, and any other small up and coming OS that is trying to find its place in an established market. This phone will be UK and American bound.
    No CDMA networks need apply. T-Mobile Will be all over this. Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, K00949438Yd FRAMILY!
  • Amazon will have a presence, maybe, but they won't supplant anyone. There's no guarantee they will even get anywhere with a smartphone. A tablet is the kind of media device that fits right into their overall media/marketing scheme, but a smartphone may not yet fit that paradigm in the minds of many consumers. Time will tell.
  • about time! Amazon will probably sell millions within the first month, considering that the phone
    will come with 3 years of free Amazon Prime membership. (which is worth $300,
    at the new membership fees) I sure hope Amazon calls it the "Amazon FlameBoy"
  • I highly doubt that since the fire tv did not come with free prime and the kindle does not either.
  • It will be US only on release and that means contracts will be a problem. They won't sell millions in the first month because contracts will not have expired. Posted via Android Central App
  • MILLIONS! Posted via Android Central App
  • Amazon might include service within the prime membership. Then they don't have to worry about carriers. Posted via Android Central App
  • Mehhh I highly doubt that.. However I wonder how many carriers will actually pick it up. If quite a few do.. This will be a great phone to push to the non-tech-savvy customers who we'd normally turn to iOS. I love the idea of it for these people. Posted via Android Central App
  • Uh, since they don't have their own cell towers, they definitely *DO* have to worry about carriers, just like everyone else. As savvy and capable as Bezos and Co. are, you are overestimating them.
  • unless they pull some seriously unheard of 3d tech out of their a$$ i dont thnk this will be a huge success. 3d is dying in the living room, its not gonna make it on mobile either. IMO
  • I'm confident they will put the latest specs to compliment with their heavily forked and bloated Android. But that's only one piece of the key to success.
    However, Amazon has always sucked at design. That's why I can't see this taking off. Also, the Appstore looks pretty lacking.
    Posted via Android Central App
  • Trying to throw everyone off with that nokia like casing.
  • "As can be seen in the images, the device is covered by a protective shell intended to prevent people without authorization from seeing the physical design of the phone"
    -BGR Posted via Android Central App
  • Agreed.
  • Precisely. Amazon has done great with the design of their Fire imho. Posted via Android Central App
  • Looks pretty good to me.
  • Looks Nokia-ish to me. I am sure it will be fine for people with deep hooks into Amazon. They will get fewer apps and less frequent updates though. I'd never buy a phone without the play store. I just wish the Prime video app could be ripped from it.
  • ZUNE PHONE?????!?!111!
  • I have to say I miss my HTC EVO 3D, I was hoping 3D would have caught on, I just do not miss Sprint service lol. It will be interesting to see if this takes off. I like bigger screen phones though... I currently am using the Galaxy Note 2. My contract is up in November hoping for something crazy size with the new Note 4 by then.... lol.
  • It's not my daily driver anymore, but I still have my Evo3D. Being able to take 3D pictures of the kids is awesome. That phone had more of a marketing problem than anything actually wrong with the hardware, IMO.
  • Boy, BGR is a name that I haven't heard of in ages. Surprised he's still around. I don't know what he's like now, but several years ago he was about as unbiased about tech as Steve Jobs. As for a forked Android Amazon phone... eh. My wife won a Kindle tablet a couple of years ago and it was pretty bad. I rooted and threw proper Android on it as soon as I could. I use Amazon a ton to buy stuff, but, well, I find closed ecosystems to, generally, be horrible experiences.
  • Yeah, I'm kind of with you. The Kindle tablets don't really appeal to me, since I like to screw around a lot more than they let you. My girlfriend has the 7" HDX tablet, though, and she loves it. She uses it primarily for gaming, and the HDX definitely performs a little better than my 2013 N7 does in that regard.
  • Looks exactly like a Lumia.
  • Lookin a little Nokia...ehh ;) Posted via Android Central App
  • Meh. Nothing revolutionary. Just another phone. Ara will fail too. I'm callin it.
  • EDIT: Never mind.
  • Looks like a cheap imitation of the Nokia N9's design. But a bad cheap imitation.
  • I could have sworn 3D everything went out of style at the beginning of last year. Posted via Android Central App
  • So will the special promotions pop up before you make a call or before the person answers your call?
    advertisements for ringtones that are random
  • Looks like something I won't be buying. From my Note 2 to you
  • I hope they change the looks.. That thing it's butt ugly
  • Agreed but your comment is offensive to most Butt's in case...LOL
  • Your comment is offensive to apostrophes.
  • Go Amazon! Shake up the Android phone industry. I'm tired of seeing essentially the same damn phone from every manufacturer, yes they all have their own gimmicks but if Amazon can get this right it might change the way we interact with our phones. Though more than likely it'll prove to be nothing more than another gimmick, prove me wrong Amazon. Posted via Android Central App
  • Geez! All you guys focused on the appearance clearly have no understanding of what "prototype" means. Get a life. A far bigger issue is no access to the Play store, and no Google Apps. No gmail, no google maps, no hangouts (OK, no one cares about that one), etc. Lot's of buyers won't understand when they buy, but they may be real disappointed when they figure it out.
  • Hmmm: So, that's a protective case, I we're not really seeing anything but the screen. Oh...and is that a "webOS" style gesture area below the screen?!?!
  • FireOS you say??? You'll need to put fire under my ass before I buy a forked up phone from Amazon.
  • I see what you did there.
  • I don't ever see myself buying an Android device without Google Play on it, just doesn't seem right.
  • FireOS makes it a no sale for me. Anything locking me OUT of the Play Store in favor of Amazon's substitute bugs me. My wife had a Kindle Fire, and just couldn't get many of the apps she wanted because Amazon didn't include them in their store, and you couldn't get the Play Store without rooting/sideloading.
  • Looks like LG's lockscreen clock on the front
  • If this phone really is 3D....jeeze. I wouldn't take it even if it's free.
  • Wow another new phone !! Yawn. And oh yea lets shut out all the VZW customers LAME
  • i know it's just a prototype but it looks damn fugly
  • This is going to be interesting no swiping just tilt and play. The 4 cameras lock on your head don't tilt your head or you will be deleted. Cant wait to see this.