Spiral 2 Project Ara

Google showed off an image today of one of its printed circuit boards created for the Spiral 2 prototype of Project Ara, its modular smartphone project that its ATAP division has been developing for some time.

The photo, posted on the ATAP Google+ page, comes as the team is also preparing to launch version 0.20 of its Project Ara Module Developers Kit. In January, it will hold Project Ara developer conferences in a number of locations around the world, where they will offer updates on their hardware and software plans.

Today, ATAP stated that it will live stream the conferences that will be held on January 14 in Mountain View, California and on January 21 in Singapore for those developers who cannot attend the events physically. The conferences are scheduled to include a demo of "the latest Ara prototype and developer hardware" along with the first reveal of plans for a pilot launch of the smartphone sometime in 2015.

Source: ATAP (Google+)