Press for Android updated with performance fixes

Popular Google Reader app Press has been updated with new performance improvements, as well as various bug fixes. The second update for the app brings it up to version 1.1.1, and since updating we're noticing that the app does seem a good bit nippier -- especially when syncing large numbers of unread articles.

If you'd previously tried out Press but had been put off by issues with speed and responsiveness, now might be the chance to give it another try. You can find the download link above; as always, it costs $1.99 and is limited those running Android 4.0 and above. Existing users can update by heading to the "My Apps" section in the Google Play Store app.

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Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Your article is incorrect.This is NOT a free download. I'm running Jelly Bean, and the app costs $1.99.
  • For $2, what do you get that makes it better than Currents? -Suntan
  • Nothing. And nothing on the many free RSS readers; gReader, Reader HD and Feedly, to name but a few, are all vastly superior RSS readers. Press is style over substance. And people love it.
  • I must give it TwentyFive Squares. They have a heck of a promotions department in Android news media. I d/l'ed the app and gave it a quick review (Thanks to no try-before-you-buy version and 15 minute refund window.) and find the sliding navigation interesting. Outside that, nothing revolutionary. Not sure why Press called "popular" with 10k-50k installs. There are some readers with installs in the millions. Disclosure: I use Google Reader a lot. Currently trying Feedly and find it satisfying. gReader is pretty good, but a little pricey for me. My hope is the developer of Falcon Pro shows his Minimal Reader some love and makes it as slick and usable as Falcon.
  • I've tried Flipboard, Currents, Feedly, and Pulse, and I honestly feel that Feedly is the best. But, with some updates, Flipboard and Currents could surpass Feedly.
  • Still missing a nice homescreen widget! A deal breaker here!
  • I've tried press, but I always end up going back to feedly and pocket. None of the readers display all full articles so you have to open in the browser or app browser which seems clunky to me. I use feedly to browse headlines and save what I really want to read to pocket. In feedly it's a simple long press to save to pocket.
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