Pre-Order T-Mobile myTouch 3G and Receive it August 3rd

The T-Mobile myTouch 3G news has been rolling in and the plans are being set. To recap: T-Mobile is holding an event on July 8th to showcase the myTouch 3G, pre-orders will be available July 8th to July 25th, and an expected official release date for the myTouch 3G is set for August 5th.

However, if you want to get your hands on the myTouch 3G before the rest of the US (but behind the rest of the world, it seems) you can pre-order the myTouch 3G and receive it by August 3rd (via tmonews). Sure, it's only a few days before the expected launch date but hey, to be the coolest kid on the block for 48 hours might be worth the pre-order!

Who's pre-ordering the T-Mobile myTouch 3G?

  • Why get that when the Hero will be here soon. Can anyone say Flash ;-). Sorry T-Mobile....fool me once same on you. Fool me twice....LOL.
  • uh....cuz hero wont be for T-mobile?
  • I'm preordering. But I'm still badly miffed that they're so far behind the Palm Pre and iPhone 3GS launches. It seems pretty clear that TMO seriously dropped the ball here. This is either T-Mobile's failing or maybe a delay in delivery from HTC screwed them. Either way, it's a bad mistake: Why in the world would T-Mobile let their only two real rivals soak up potential customers for weeks and weeks with their amazing new offerings before coming up with their own competitor -- one that's been out in Europe for many weeks already? Stupid at best, incompetent at worst. T-Mobile is just lucky this market is so new and there are so many potential new customers. They're just throwing away marketshare by being such a laggard. Amazingly foolish.
  • do u have to pre order it online only? i want to preorder it in a retail store
  • Definitely preordering! hate there's no 5mp camera, uhhh! still extremely sexxy tho.. Sucks it's so late to market but those are the breaks when ur number 4.