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Potential new Oculus Quest headset leaked by Walmart, reveals lower price

Oculus Quest Logo
Oculus Quest Logo (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Walmart had a temporary listing for a headset called the Oculus Point Reyes with a release date of September 16.
  • We've never seen this code name before, but it lines up with previous headset codenames from Oculus.
  • Pricing is $100 less per SKU than the Oculus Quest, and one even has double the storage of the Quest.

While we wait for Facebook Connect to take place on September 16, rumors and leaks for a potential new Oculus Quest headset keep coming. u/SeanBannister on Reddit found a listing on Walmart's website for a new VR headset called the Oculus Point Reyes which, curiously, featured a placeholder image of the now-discontinued Oculus Go headset. While the image is almost certainly not of a new Oculus headset, given that Oculus said it is no longer making 3DoF headsets, the pricing and storage options point to an even more value-heavy headset than the Oculus Quest currently is.

The Oculus Point Reyes was listed for $299 on Walmart's website for the model with 64GB of storage, while $399 upgrades the internal storage to a whopping 256GB. Both of those pricepoints are $100 less than the current-generation Oculus Quest, and that more expensive pricepoint even features double the storage of the most expensive Oculus Quest, which maxed out at 128GB for $499. Curiously, the ship date on this listing is the same date as the upcoming Facebook Connect conference, which replaces the annual Oculus Connect conference, lending to greater speculation that this is a legitimate product listing.

Up until now, we've never seen the Oculus Point Reyes code name. Everything we've seen so far points to the next Oculus Quest having the codename Del Mar, which is another shoreline in California. Point Reyes, similarly, is a shoreline north of San Francisco, while the original Oculus Quest was codenamed Monterey. It could be that the "proper" sequel to the Oculus Quest, probably known as the Oculus Quest 2, has been delayed and this is an "Oculus Quest S" type of headset, but there's not much more than speculation to go on for now.

As for next-generation headsets go, we've seen several hardware leaks that point to some new physical features for the next Oculus Quest headset, like a modified IPD slider, a better head strap, and even new colors. We've got about 2 weeks until Facebook Connect when we should find out for sure.

Nicholas Sutrich
Nicholas Sutrich
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