PopPower from CES 2020 lets you charge wirelessly with your PopSocket on

PopPower (Image credit: PopSocket)

What you need to know

  • PopSocket is selling the PopPower wireless charger that fits the PopGrip shape.
  • PopGrips' shape usually prohibit wireless charging.
  • The pad can fast charge Apple and Samsung phones and wirelessly charge AirPods.

If you're a fan of PopSockets, and really you should try one at least once to see what all the fuss is about, you may feel left out of the wireless charging revolution. PopSocket PopGrips usually push the phone too far from a wireless charging pad for the terminals to connect. Now PopSockets is offering a wireless charging pad specially designed with a donut hole in the center to perfectly fit the company's PopGrips and other accessories. Considering the biggest problem with wireless chargers is properly lining up your phone, this solution is not only ingenious for PopGrip users, it also makes PopSockets even more compelling if you haven't used one before.


Source: PopSocket (Image credit: Source: PopSocket)

Unfortunately the PopPower costs $60 at launch, which is obscene. Anker's excellent charging pad was on sale this holiday season for as little as $8. No, that number is not missing a zero. Somehow PopSocket is charging many times more for basically the same tech, with a hole in the middle. The PopPower will work with cases up to 5mm thick in addition to the PopGrip. The charger is Qi certified, and will fast charge Samsung and Apple phones. You can also sit AirPods on top with a wireless AirPod charging case.

There are a few caveats for PopSocket owners. Metal PopGrips won't work, just like metal-backed phones don't offer wireless charging. If you have a PopGrip Lips with lip balm inside, that lip balm will probably melt so you should remove it before you charge your phone. PopWallet owners will demagnetize credit cards if they leave the wallet atop the PopPower, so it's best to remove the whole PopWallet for charging.

The PopPower is only available from PopSocket at the moment. It comes in white as well as a mountainscape and "cosmic cloud" designs, and surely dozens more designs will follow if this thing takes off.

Philip Berne