Poll: Are you interested in the Nothing phone (1)?

Nothing OS concept
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Carl Pei is returning to smartphones with the upcoming launch of the Nothing phone (1). It was rumored for a while, but now it's officially on the way, with Pei discussing his lofty goals about wanting to challenge Apple and create an ecosystem of devices. Details are scarce, but Nothing is clearly trying to get the hype train going.

Are you interested in a Nothing phone based on what we've heard and (haven't) seen so far?

While we have yet to see the phone, Pei gave us a very vague teaser about the phone's design. It's not much to go on, but we expect it will probably feature a transparent design similar to the Nothing ear (1). We also know it will be powered by a Snapdragon chipset, although a specific model wasn't provided, meaning it's up in the air whether or not it will be a flagship chip or a mid-range one.

We also know it will run Nothing OS. Based on what we've seen, Nothing OS will deliver a "near-stock" experience. It will also feature unique design elements that will blend with the hardware in some way. Nothing says the phone's hardware will "seamlessly integrate with software through bespoke fonts, colors, graphics elements, and sounds." Whatever that means.

We also know that the phone will receive three major OS upgrades and four years of security updates, which matches many of the best Android phones on the market, so the phone is already off to a good start.

Whatever Nothing has cooked up for us, it's banking on the trust of its growing community to help make it happen. On April 5, a second community investment round will open, giving fans the chance to be part of the upcoming launch and gain special VIP access to the Nothing community. Are you interested in Nothing's vision enough to invest in it?

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