Poll: How did you shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Frodo Its Over Its Done
Frodo Its Over Its Done (Image credit: quickmeme)

While there might be some deals still shuffling about, the hottest shopping season of the year is finally over. Black Friday deals ran into Cyber Monday, which created a non-stop shopping extravaganza. Yet, amid the global pandemic still ravaging the world, things were probably a lot less crazy for in-store shoppers as more people took to their phones or computers to place orders. And in the age of Amazon, it makes sense.

That said, we're curious about how our readers shopped, and we want to know what methods you used to get in on the deals, whether it was on your phone, on the computer, or in person.

The argument can be made that shipping for things like tech gadgets and the like are more easily done on larger screen devices like the best laptops because it's easier to multitask and research reviews on products that you're considering buying.

Meanwhile, if you're shopping for things like clothes, those are a little more straightforward and in many ways less expensive than tech purchases, so shopping from your phone would make those purchases more easy.

In-store shopping is also a thing thanks to vaccines and mask mandates, although the days of mall/store stampedes seem to be behind us as people are more cautious about their surroundings. Still, as people likely struggled to find the PS5 in stock, there were probably some people rushing to places like Target to see what they could get their hands on (fortunately, we like to keep our eyes out for PS5 restocks). But for the most part, consumers seemed to take the action to online shops like Amazon as they threw things in their virtual carts before items went out of stock.

Let us know how you prefer to shop, and comment below on why.

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