Polar's new Grit X Pro is here to challenge the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Trial Running Polar Grit X
Trial Running Polar Grit X (Image credit: Polar)

What you need to know

  • Polar has announced two new additions to its Grit X family: Grit X Pro and Grit X Pro Titan.
  • The Polar Grit X Pro offers military-grade durability, up to 100 hours of battery life, and extensive training features.
  • The Grit X Pro Titan is 12% lighter than the Grit X Pro, thanks to the use of aerospace titanium.

Polar, which makes some of the best running watches, has expanded its wearables lineup with the launch of the new Grit X Pro and Grit X Pro Titan.

The new Polar Grit X Pro is a multi-sport smartwatch featuring a military-grade design with a Sapphire glass lens, flexible FKM wristband, and MIL-STD-810G compliance. It has Polar's Precision Prime sensor fusion technology for continuous heart-rate tracking and also includes built-in GPS with assisted GPS for fast-fix times.

Since the watch is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, it offers new route and elevation profiles, along with turn-by-turn guidance. With the Track Back feature, the Grit X Pro can navigate you back to exactly where you started your journey.

Grit X Pro Colorways

Source: Polar (Image credit: Source: Polar)

The watch also offers wrist-based music controls, weather reports, push notifications, a barometric-based altimeter, fuel and energy insights, sleep tracking, comprehensive tests including running and cycling performance tests, and insights to aid complete physical recovery before your next session.

When it comes to battery life, the Polar Grit X Pro is claimed to deliver up to 40 hours of training time with GPS and heart-rate tracking. You can get 100 hours of usage on a single charge if you use the multiple power saving options that are available. Battery life is claimed to be up to seven days in watch mode with 24/7 tracking. The Polar Grit X Pro is priced at $500 and comes in three colorways: Nordic Copper, Black DLC, and Arctic Gold.

Grit X Pro Titan

Source: Polar (Image credit: Source: Polar)

Polar's Grit X Pro Titan combines all the features of the Grit X Pro with an ultra-strong aerospace titanium case. The company claims the Titan's case is 12% lighter than the Grit X Pro. Polar offers two wristband options for the Grit X Pro Titan: a waterproof FKM band and a perforated leather band "for those everyday moments." The watch is priced at $600 in the U.S.

Along with the new Polar Grit X Pro and Grit X Pro Titan, the company has also introduced an updated Vantage V2 SHIFT Edition that will be offered in two options: SHIFT Silver and SHIFT Black. The regular Vantage V2 is getting a new red color option and you can now choose to pair it with the Polar H10 heart rate sensor for improved heart rate monitoring.

Polar Grit X Pro Frontleft Black Dlc Komoot Guidance

Polar Grit X Pro

Polar's new Grit X Pro is a feature-packed multi-sport watch offering military-grade durability, impressive battery life, and a slew of training, recovery, and navigation features. You also get all the sportswatch essentials such as support for push notifications and music controls.

Babu Mohan
News Writer