Plex now supports Alexa commands via new skills for your Amazon Echo

If you use Plex to manage your personal media collection, it's time to get an Amazon Echo speaker. Plex has finally come to Alexa, allowing you to not only control your media with your voice, but also use Alexa to help recommend music, TV shows or movies for those times when you just can't figure out what you want to listen to or watch. Coupled with the ability to order Dominos pizza, we may never leave the couch again!

For those unfamiliar with Plex, it's an incredibly powerful media server that allows you to store all your media in one place, then access it across all your devices via the wide selection of Plex apps — it's available for Android, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Kodi, NVIDIA Shield, Roku and much more so you're definitely covered no matter what devices you got around your house.

With Alexa, you can make requests to play specific content on whichever Plex-enabled devices you have around your home. For example, you could say "Alexa, tell Plex to play The Big Lebowski on Chromecast" or, if you and your mate are struggling to agree on something to watch, you can say "Alexa, ask Plex to suggest something to watch" and it will recommend something from your library. You'll also uncover wonderful easter eggs as you go. You can find a full breakdown of everything Alexa can do with Plex here.

These new Plex skills are currently only available in the U.S. and UK Alexa Skills Stores. If you've got Plex up and running in your home along with an Amazon Echo speaker, we'd love to hear your experiences with it!

Marc Lagace

Marc Lagace was an Apps and Games Editor at Android Central between 2016 and 2020. You can reach out to him on Twitter [@spacelagace.