Google Pixel and Pixel XL: What to expect from the Nexus successors

Update: Our Pixel hands-on preview is live! Go read it!

For the past seven years, Google partnered with some of the leading Android phone makers to sell co-branded handsets under the "Nexus" name. This year, the company is set to unveil two new handsets under a brand that's new to phones, but well known to Google followers: Pixel.

On October 4, Google will hold an event in San Francisco where it'll unveil two new phones "made by Google." We'll reportedly get the Pixel and Pixel XL, the regular Pixel sporting a 5-inch screen, and the XL stepping up to 5.5 inches. They'll be manufactured by HTC, but expect the Taiwanese firm to stay out of the public eye, with the Google brand coming front and center. And when it comes to software, expect Android 7.1 (the first Nougat maintenance release) along with UI changes and a new suite of Google apps.

Here's a breakdown of what we're expecting come October 4.

The Pixel name

Google first used the Pixel name for its Chromebook Pixel laptops — a pair of premium notebooks made by the company. In late 2015 Google then unveiled the Pixel C convertible — a big-screened Android tablet with a keyboard dock.

Like Nexus, the Pixel brand has evolved over time. Originally it referred to the high pixel density of the Chromebook Pixel's impressive display. Then with Pixel C it became more closely associated with hardware from Google. There's been speculation around Pixel phone since then, and now, it seems, the time is right.

The Pixel brand has evolved over time — now it's clear Pixel means the very best Google hardware.

The move from Nexus to Pixel represents a change in strategy for Google-branded phones. Whereas Nexus devices were created in a very public partnership with an Android manufacturer, Pixel is looking more like a traditional ODM (original device manufacturer) arrangement. HTC builds phones to Google's spec, then Google sells them directly, pitches them to carriers and promotes them as phones "made by Google."

MORE: HTC's role in Google's Pixel project

As for whether the phones are truly made by Google... well, let's remember the iPhone is technically made by Foxconn, not Apple. There's more to it than whose factory a phone comes out of.

And as we'll get to later, the new brand will also let Google distinguish its new "Pixel" UI — including a new launcher, color scheme and software features — from the relatively barebones Nexus software experience.

Pixel phone hardware

Update, 9/27: The first Pixel phone renders have now leaked, showing circular icons, redesigned soft keys and the Pixel Launcher in action. Here they are side-by-side, to scale.

Pixel and Pixel XL

Various mock-ups based on Pixel hardware have been floating around the web for months, but the clearest photos we've seen of both phones comes via an Android Police tipster, showing both the Pixel and Pixel XL in white

The photos show a metal-bodied design with slightly angled sides and a curious glass window on the back, which extends all the way down to the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. (The blurred-out area on the front is believed to be a security identifier, not any kind of physical button — don't expect this in the final phones.)

There's also been speculation of a single "G" logo around the back as the only visible bit of branding. Given what we now know about Google's pitch for Pixel as being "made by Google," we wouldn't be surprised if that's true.

When it comes to specs, information has been slowly trickling out over the past several months from Evan Blass, Android Police and others. Here's what we're (probably) looking at.

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CategoryGoogle PixelGoogle Pixel XL
Operating SystemAndroid 7.1 with Google UIAndroid 7.1 with Google UI
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 821Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
Display5-inch AMOLED 1920x10805.5-inch AMOLED 2560x1440
Camera12MP rear, 8MP front12MP rear, 8MP front
Battery2,770mAh non-removable3,450mAh non-removable
ConnectivityUSB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.2USB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.2
IP ratingIP53IP53

If these specs are accurate, the Pixels will be among the first phones to ship with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 821 chip — a souped-up version of the 820 we've seen powering many of 2016's high-end Android phones.

The regular Pixel's 1080p screen resolution should help it power through a day of use on a what's a relatively small power back by Android standards, while the XL packs the same size cell as the Nexus 6P, with a smaller screen and more efficient internals.

As for cameras, there's been speculation the Pixels' rear camera may be the same unit used in the HTC 10. If so, we'd expect the to perform comparably to the best Android phones out there right now, given the strength of Google's HDR+ processing and the likely inclusion of OIS (missing from last year's 6P.)

Pixel phone software

So far, that's all standard Android hardware. What'll really set the Pixel phones apart is the software. Giving the timing of the launch event, in early October, we'd expect it to ship with the first quarterly maintenance release for Android Nougat, which will be Android 7.1 according to one prominent leaker.

But unlike previous years, it's almost certain 2016's Google phones will launch with a bunch of new software and UI tweaks on top of "stock" Android. Some are said to be subtle UI changes, and a blue hue replacing the teal used in Android's quick settings switches and Settings app. Leaked renders have given us a look at what Google plans for icons — maybe an all-circular affair — and on-screen buttons that filled in, not hollowed out.

But there are also more substantial additions coming, according to recent reports, like the ability to double-tap to activate Ambient Display, a Night Light mode for reducing blue light emissions from the display, and a live Support tab within the Settings app for getting help directly from Google. And as part of a handy feature borrowed from Huawei's EMUI, you'll apparently be able to swipe down on the fingerprint reader to open the notification shade.

In short: Expect a bunch of Pixel-exclusive software features that might not make it to any other Android phones.

Google will also break away from Google Now Launcher with the Pixel Launcher, which has leaked in a couple of incarnations over the past two months. The iconic Google search bar is gone, replaced with a tab for pulling open the Google Feed (formerly Google Now). And the app drawer has returned to its roots — now a swipe up from the favorites tray shows you all your apps.

Google also appears to be building a live stream of ever-updating wallpapers into its new phones.

Besides this new Google UI, we can expect everything we loved about the software on Google's Nexus phones to carry over to Pixel — quick updates, developer previews and minimal bloat. (At least when buying unlocked.)

Pixel phone availability, carriers and pricing

Don't expect Nexus-level prices.

The arrival of two premium smartphones with prominent Google branding and high-end internals — along with apparent carrier involvement — has led to speculation that these phones will carry iPhone-level price tags. After all, Google is surely going after the Apples and Samsungs of the world with these phones. Android Police says the smaller of the two phones will sell for $649, with financing options available through Google. If so, prices for the Pixel XL will almost certainly start north of $700.

It's also been suggested that at least one of the phones could be carried exclusively on Verizon in the U.S., though it's extremely unlikely this would preclude unlocked sales through Google's own online store.

So don't expect Nexus-level prices here. Instead, look for Google to go all-out with a pair of high-end handsets with appropriately high-end price tags.

There's only a couple more weeks to go before Google spills the beans on its new Pixel phones. Stay tuned between now and October 4 for all the latest developments!

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • I might get one if it turns out to be better than my Z5.
  • I really hope they don't price this in iPhone territory. If they do it will be a major flop like the Nexus 6. It's not going to be IP 68 like Samsung or even IP 67 like the new iPhone. It won't have 3d touch or dual cameras. They'd be crazy to price this higher than the Nexus 6p. The reason I love my Nexus so much is because it runs well and was affordable. Carrier involvement is also worrisome.
  • Samsung don't have dual cameras or Force Touch
    And they may have Force Touch (there were strong rumors)
  • Samsung has IP68, sd card slot, wireless charging and Samsung pay works everywhere. Google will charge the same but offer none of those things?
  • No one uses Wireless charging
  • No one who has a phone without wireless charging uses wireless charging. Sorry you are left out and sorry you are so incorrect in your arrogance.
  • I have a few phones with wireless charging, a wireless charger, and I don't use wireless charging. It's not as efficient due to induction, the battery gets hotter during wireless charging, and plugging in a cord isn't really that much of a chore for most people.
  • Counterpoint: I, and presumably one or two others, drop our phones on a charging pad at bedtime. Wake up and good to go. Choices are fantastic and there is no necessity for many conveniences in life. Wireless charging is one of those. I like it, you don't. Cool beans. Citation for "most people" needed, BTW.
  • I never said there was anything wrong with it. But you made it seem as though anyone who has wireless charging uses it, and that isn't the case. One of the reasons I don't is that because it gets the battery so hot during charging, it can't be good for the battery's overall longevity. And because it uses induction to charge, it will never be as efficient as a hardware connection. There are reasons why people who have the ability to charge wirelessly still won't, it's not just because they don't have a capable device.
  • I think that one reason Wireless Charging hasn't caught on is that the chargers are not included with their devices (specifically, Samsung). If they were included I strongly believe more people would use them. I have about 5 pads at home. Maybe 1 of them actually works decently, but samsung wants wayyyy too much for their branded chargers, even though they work great.
  • I actually went out and bought my Qi charger. This was before fast wireless charging, but it took almost twice as long as regular wired charging (aka charging before QuickCharge or Turbo charging). Like I said before it got really hot when charging which I'm not thrilled about. But probably the worst thing I dealt with, was placement on the charger. It would take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute to actually get it to stay charging. I'd sit there and move it a mm and I'd have it just right and once I removed by fingers then it wouldn't charge, rinse, repeat. I've heard that some come with multiple coils and placement isn't as much of an issue, but I don't want to spend money again in the event it doesn't solve the issue. People talked about just plopping their phone on the pad back then, and I was never able to do it with mine, so there's no guarantee the multi coil chargers would solve that. Again I'm not begrudging people from using them, just saying for myself why I'm not on board with it. And really, IMHO spending that much when the effort saved is minimal isn't worth it.
  • I love the wireless charging! I have the Samsung "hockey-puck" charger on my desk, under the monitor. When I'm working, I leave the it on the charger, when a call comes in, I grab my phone and can walk away with it.
    It is not my primary source of charging though. I keep charging cables just about everywhere I sit, lay or drive. But to say wireless charging doesn't have value is to say we should be stuck with one way of doing anything in our lives.
    Imagine a world where you put any of your battery-operated devices down on any flat surface and the battery gets enough juice to take you to the next stop.
    Wireless charging is a good thing, but not the only thing.
  • I never said we should eliminate wireless charging. What I did say that it isn't as efficient as wired and could possibly be more harmful to the battery due to how hot the induction process makes the battery. And in my own experiences, I've never been able to just "pop the phone down on the charger". To line it up so it would actually charge, I spent up to a minute to get it aligned. So how is that more convenient that plugging in my phone? There nothing wrong with wireless charging if it was as effortless as people make it out to be. In my own experiences that isn't the case. That along with the other reasons I mentioned is why I don't use it.
  • I'm all for having the wireless chargers built into couches, lazy boys, etc. That imo is convenient. Individual pads are a no go for me tho
  • Same set up here. I have mine at work for heavy work load days. Don't use it home at all though.
  • I was on the old analogoperator assisted car phone from 1977 to august 1989 when I got my first cell phone...a hard wired Alpine of all things.
    I've had more experience than most and I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S6 with the wireless charging puck .a Belkin .and the high speed hard wire charger. Both do the job very well. No battery overheating issues at all.
  • Not discounting your experience, but with mine the wireless charger was quite a bit hotter than if I used the wired charger, and I've seen threads in the forums for people who've had the same issues. I am electronics technician and the reality is wired charging will always be more efficient and cause less heat to be generated. The reason being, there is no direct connection from the charger to the phone, which acts like a resistor in an electric curcuit, so the charger has to push more current to overcome the increased resistance.
  • You're absolutely correct.
  • That's certainly the main reason. The charging pads are not cheap and have to be bought on top of what you've paid for the phone. I don't use it because I use my phone whilst charging quite frequently. Several people have said to me that they are glad they no longer have to fumble with cables. This is nonsense. I've never fumbled with a cable in my life.
  • I bought a Samsung pad on ebay for under $15 shipping (free shipping from China). It not the fast charging pad but it works great. I don't have to fuss with exact placement of the phone on the charging pad. I did have some charging pause issues with my Galaxy S6 after I upgraded to Marshmallow. For the most part I solved them, by turning off the screensaver and dismissing notifications on the lock screen.
  • Then it must be one of those charging pads with multiple coils, because with mine it was so bad that I stopped using it altogether, more of a hassle and took longer than simply plugging in the cable. Like I said though, even with placement being less of an issue, the lower efficiency and the possible degenerative effects on the battery are also why I haven't and don't see myself using wireless charging. Hi I don't begrudge anyone doing so if they don't care about those reasons. But it seems like people look at you sideways if you're not using it.
  • Sounds like you just had a bad experience. I paid $20 for my high speed wireless charger, elephas brand, it's a tilt charger and unless it's way off center never has a problem reading. It takes about 1h45m for a complete charge on my S7.
    I tried to use my older non high speed tylt and it said 8 hours, screw that.
    Even over the last 2 years wireless chargers have advanced tremendously.
  • And I said that in my posts that the one I had may not be as good as the ones that are available now. Regardless, anymore I just don't see the benefit to paying money to do something when I can do something slightly more involved for free.
  • I just bought a second Samsung charging pad on ebay for $11.99 (shipping included), to use exclusively for traveling.
  • And that's fine, but like I said, for me, it isn't worth it. I did it once and at that time it was a waste of money. I'm not shelling out again hoping it will be better. Beyond the physical exertion required, which is minimal, it's also not as fast or as efficient as wired. And since it takes longer and the battery gets hotter than wired charging, I camt imagine it's as easy on the battery either. I'm not saying no one should use it, I'm saying everyone should make their own decision and for me, it's not worth it.
  • You keep repeating yourself, over and over.
  • Yes, because people keep responding with reasons why I should try it. I'm assuming your comment was to let me know that it doesnt cost that much to get into wireless charging, right? Ok then, does it address all the other issues I listed? I have said repeatedly I'm not telling anyone why they shouldn't use it, only why I don't use it. I'm not asking anyone to give me reasons why I should start using it. Unless someone knows of a product that addresses all the issues I listed, then I'm sticking with my assertion. Is that good enough? I mean it's been a week and I've still got people telling me why I should use it. If you want to, fine. All I've been saying is that it's not for me.
  • Too bad there's not an ignore feature.
  • Did anyone force you to reply to me?
  • It's also incredibly wasteful. The power efficiency of wireless charging is abysmal. All for what? The minute convenience of not having to plug in a cable? I'm sorry, I'm not that lazy. I can plug in a wire.
  • Do the same thing. I need a quick charge i use the cable. At night i use the charging pad
  • Exactly! Qi Stand at home, Qi Mount In Car. No cables, EVER!
  • Agreed, Everyone I know with a Samsung device uses wireless charging. It's something that super convent once you have it. Actually with the switch to USB-C it's easier to use wireless charging across multiple devices while we are in this transition.
  • Well, I love it, but I don't have it on my current phone though. I was close to not buy the phone just because of the lack of wireless charging. It is practical although a big reason I like it is cus of the coolness factor haha
  • I use it
  • I use it all the time. Gives the micro USB port a break
  • Nexus 5 turned me into wireless charging... can't go back to wires.
  • I use it primarily. It's the best thing thing they ever made. If you had half a brain you'd embrace it.
  • I use wireless charging. It should be on every medium to high quality device.
  • Thank you! I see this thrown in peoples faces all the time. "It doesn't offer wireless charging." But everybody I know with a Samsung phone has it in a case and NEVER uses wireless charging. WTH do you think none of the other Droid manufacturers or Apple are giving up on aluminum for the sake of wireless charging? Because nobody really uses it!
  • Ummm... mine charges wirelessly just fine while sitting IN the case, so having a case on the phone is not an issue. And one can easily choose whether they want FAST or SLOW (normal) wireless charging through a software setting... so heat is not really a concern.
  • No one? I use wireless charging all of the time with my Nexus 6. I turbo charge with the cable when I need a fast charge, but when I sit at a desk all day, a slower Qi charger is fine and keep my USB port from getting messed up from all of the times I leave my desk and take my phone with me. Use it at night near the bed too. Works perfectly for me.
  • I love wireless charging, have one on my desk at work, desk at home, and in my living room, so great just setting your phone down and it charges, no unplug replug everytime I pick it up.
  • Not true, I use my wireless charger every day.
  • maybe you don't but that is what I use the majority of the time
  • I think you mean 'Samsung pay works in lots of places in the US'. Up here in Canada, it works nowhere. So although that's a selling point for you, it sure isn't for me. As for the rest - wireless charging is cool but I'd rather have a metal back than one that's all-glass or plastic. IP68 is definitely better. SD card slot would be nice but unnecessary (for most) if 64/128GB is offered. Especially if the SD isn't integrated storage - who wants to have to manually move files and apps?
  • when Americans say "everywhere", that means everywhere in 'Murica... lol
  • The power of observation serves you well, wherever you live ...........
  • I love how the nexus fans downplay wireless charging and SD storage, only because they don't have it. Were those things to show up on the next generation nexus/pixel, they would be the greatest things ever. Lol. Almost forgot, a decent level of water resistance, as well.
  • And in big news this year, we may, and I stress may, see the appearance of a close/clear all button under recent apps. Spectacular! And, more brand specific, if you have Samsung pay, it smokes the hell out of Android pay and Apple pay, for one simple reason, MST.
  • On Nougat if you scroll to the top of recent apps there is a clear all button. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have a Nexus 6, this does have wireless charging....but I don't use this feature much.
    I don't miss the SD card slot, have fully embraced the cloud so never have a storage issue.
  • I wish they didn't get rid of the uni remote.
  • Apple is eventually going to offer wireless charging and *bam* they will once again make an existing feature that people argue about a must-have.
  • Has anyone ever told u that u look just like harry potter in that photo before
  • We wont know yet if it will be worth it or not. If Google is taking this step, I would assume they have something up their sleeves that hasnt leaked yet. At least I hope so, it just woudnt make sense otherwise to eat into the sales of the other companies touting Android.
    Im just waiting because Im going to get on Google Fi and want to know whether to get the Pixel or the 6P.
  • Thats exactly what I'm going to do too, I love my HTC M8 but not verizon, Fi is where I'm headed, but if HTC is making this pixel why does Google think they can charge these high prices now, how many HTC M10 has HTC sold?
  • That's what I am hoping. If they are in fact raising prices, I feel they need to have some aces up their sleeves to justify it. Perhaps since HTC is making the phone, they are finally putting some good audio hardware on their phones. The 5x and 6p were pitiful in that regard (not counting the dual speakers on the 6p which were just loud, not high quality sound by any means).
  • Having that audio still doesn't justify that high price tag, this would be a huge step backward for google phones. Didn't they already try the carrier store approach with the nexus 6?
  • I will be shocked if the smaller Google phone launches with a $650 price tag. If it does, I will more than likely not be going anywhere near these phones, unless there is some amazing ace up google's sleeve that has yet to be revealed. My thinking is the XL will start off at $650, with the smaller one at $499 or so. Time will tell.
  • If it works out that way, I'll wait a year and get the PixelXL for $350 to 400. No biggie for me, I don't need the latest and "greatest".
  • Or just get the Nexus 5X for $200 now.
  • Look, let's be honest, there are two players who can basically charge a premium for their phones. Apple and Samsung. Everybody else has to have a reason to attract customers away from these two. As much as I love pure Android, that is not going to be a reason. Look at Moto, the Moto Z is a top notch phone, hits every specifcation out of the park save battery size. It has an incredible modular system that everyone agrees is great! Yet, if you monitor Best Buy, the Droid edition has basically been on some kind of sale ever since the phone was released! Why? Because its not Samsung or Apple and people are not going to pay Samsung or Apple prices to get it. Same here, these phones may be great, but they have to offer something other than pure android. Or people will not pay a premium for them.
  • They won't get into sales of other devices because all the Pixel devices are just status symbols. I've never seen one in the wild because they are too expensive.
  • If the prices are correct seems like the 6P is the way to go. Why bother with Fi when you can get similar plans from republic wireless or ultra mobile and have more choices of phones.
  • I have a feeling this is going to be a repeat with carriers and pricing just like the Nexus Moto 6, hope I'm wrong.
  • The nexus 6 didn't sell cause the casual consumer doesn't want a tablet as a phone and the camera was not up to par for the price, I couldn't wait to get the nexus 6p and retire that wide as phone, I love nexus phones and that's all I buy but damn I hated the nexus 6 size
  • You just listed a lot of questionable features. 3D touch? Definitely nothing to brag about. Dual Cameras? Questionable results. Look at HTC.
  • Thats slot of chatter about wireless charging. Maybe AC should do an article about the pros and cons of wireless charging?
  • Looking forward to everything but the price. I'll get the small one after the first price drop.
  • The price is the only thing killing me. The reason I got the Nexus 5 was because it cost $349 for a 16GB. I'll be getting the 6P if this XL is really expensive.
  • Im sad to see a departure from the nexus name but i will accept that but what about the rest? What to expect ? (IMO) Change the icons to round shape...because iOS? Check
    High price ? check
    No water proff? check
    No updates after 2 years? check They need to improve these things for real...people are getting tired, i'm no hater but c'mon google how can such a big company make so many mistakes?
    youtube gaming only working on US and UK,
    allo making such a buzz in every major site...
    youtube comments suck ....FFS listen to your fans ! i know they can't please everyone I think I will get a Nexus 6p or wait until my good old faithful nexus 5 dies
  • Bro Hat's off! You have managed to use a Nexus 5 till today. Incredible! Mine died within 18 months.
  • Ok this made me spit my coffee out.
  • yeap and with almost 3 years still looking good (i take really good care of him haha)
  • I am still using my Nexus 5 as well.. It is, in my mind, the best Nexus ever made.. I'll be getting the Pixel on day one and am excited for it..
  • I don't understand where all the hate for the 5X came from. I've had mine since day one, and it's been a great phone. It also is amazing paired with Fi. I did have to get the phone RMA'd due to the bug with the Nougat preview causing the phone to go into a boot loop, but other than that I've had nothing but a great experience. I feel it is every bit as good or better than the 5.
  • I had the Nexus 5 for 2 years and loved it until the power button stopped working. I replaced it with the Nexus 5X for $250 and I think it is an incredible phone for that money. However, other hardware manufacturers are leading with mid priced phones, where LG is dropping the ball. The Huawei Honor 8 is $350 with better specs than the N5X, and more premium case. Xiaomi Mi5s 5.2" is due out on 9/27/16 with Snapdragon 821, 6GB RAM, 64GB storage for $300. Nexus 5X was good last year. Pixel sounds like a good phone, but way overpriced compared to other manufacturers who have figured out this market better than Google.
  • But the problem with the two phones you . mentioned is that they have terrible software that was primarily designed for the Chinese market, you can forget about getting any security updates, you'll be lucky if you get one major Android version update, and the support from the companies is pretty much nonexistent.
  • Besides that many don't work as good with US carriers as phones meant for US markets. The ZTE Axon 7 gets the same reputation. A great phone for great price but screwed up by it's LTE radio.
  • They don't have terrible software and they do get security updates. I have a mi5 and they get updates every 2-3 weeks as the bugs get reported by miui fans
  • Oh was that all, the update just bricked your phone. Nothing to worry about there and what would have happened had your phone been out of warranty? You'd be screaming bloody murder and death to Google.
  • My wife is using my old launch-day N5 - still going strong with the original battery!
  • Apart from it's pathetic battery I agree.
  • I have both a 6P and a Nexus 5. The 5 still works fine, did replace the battery. Also had an issue with the volume of the headset but once I took the back off and cleaned out the screen in front of the earpiece it worked like a charm.
  • Same here, have the 6P and Nexus 5 as a backup phone. Battery was replaced. Power button was cleaned up when I was randomly rebooting. My issue with it is the GPS isn't functioning properly (not locking). Did some hackery to get it to work, but no dice.
  • Im in the same boat. My N5 is still running strong, except for battery life. That's horrible. I was looking forward to a new 5" nexus. Another let down from Google.
  • I think you have been misled with the youtube gaming info, it works here in India
  • Any chance carriers get a hold of these Pixel phones this year or sold unlocked only?
  • Sounds like Verizon is as close to "confirmed" as we can get without a Verizon ad showing the price. Other carriers are all TBD.
  • Cool.
  • I'm going to be very disappointed if these prices are correct.
  • "the Pixels will be among the first phones to ship with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 821 chip" Wrong! LeEco Pro 3 its firts.
  • To be fair, he said "among the first phones...", not specifically THE FIRST...
  • Marcus, Do you even read bro?
  • Did he even comprehend what he wrote himself is more like it..
  • Its firts..
  • I was wondering when someone was going to read that line and totally misunderstand it.
  • Its firts...
  • You need to improve your reading. They said "AMONG THE FIRST" key word "AMONG" aka one of the first.
  • Posted via the Android Central App
  • The key word is among, he didn't say the first and only phone, also nobody in the states can get their hands on one of those horrible LeEco phones
  • Why is the 5 inch battery that much smaller? Stop decreasing the capacity just because it's lower resolution!
  • Phone is smaller, less space inside for batteries. Considering it's the same size battery as the Nexus 5X in a smaller device, sounds like they went out of their way to give the hugest battery possible in that form factor.
  • That doesn't sound right. Because the Galaxy S7 is 5.1 and can fit 3000 mAh. What's the deal with that? .1 really adds that much?
  • The size of the battery is highly dependent on overall phone size, the S7 and the Pixel are two different phones designed by two different companies.
  • No **** Sherlock, thanks for teaching us that fact! tard
  • Kindergarten just caled.....
  • They sure did.......
  • 200 mAh in .1" display size? Not sure, that's not the only difference between the two phones internally. The display on the Samsung S7 is 2.5 x 4.45 and has an area of 11.11 in^2, so it it is .43 in^2 larger than the 2.45 x 4.36 in screen on a 5" device with the same aspect ratio. That's only an increase of 4%, so can they fit a 7% larger battery (by volume) in a 4% area increase? That'd depend highly on the thickness of each battery. It's not a 1:1 comparison on screen size to battery, because they likely designed the internal layout of the devices differently.
  • Don't let people fool you. Its completely possible to put a bigger battery in there. They just didn't.
  • To add to the argument,if they didn't want to make it slightly bigger to make it to 3000mah,then we're still right back where we started.
  • Why is 3000 a magic number? You're going to get tied up in a 7% increase to battery capacity? When everyone freaked out about the Note 7 vs S7 Edge it was established that every 100 mAh was going to be worth 7 to 12 minutes of SOT with normal S7 Edge usage. So 200 mAh would be 14 to 24 minutes of SOT difference. I'm gonna call that 19 minutes for the median and then round it up to 20 so it's in your favor. We're going to freak out about 20 minutes?
  • Well that may be the case technically,and obviously it has alot to do with actual configuration,but I've experienced huuuuge differences between 3000mah and anything under and my 5x has been suffering since day one. Now I do believe that with HTC making the phone instead of LG that might change,but between my 5x and 6 I've honestly become desperate for any increase I can find. Obviously nobody is forcing us to buy this phone though.
  • The HTC 10 is only slightly larger at 5.2", is obviously also made by the same company, but managed to fit in a 3,000mAh battery...
  • So a 7% larger battery in 8% more area? Seems easy.
  • Because physics.
  • They need a new Nexus/Pixel 7.
  • Just don't understand what Google has against sd card slots :(
  • Google wants to encourage you to use their cloud-based storage services.
  • They don't make a profit from selling or promoting the use of SD cards. They want people to use their cloud services, just like Apple.
  • SD cards can have performance, security, and reliability issues. My SD card of the past couple years crashed on me last week when I switched from a Note 7 to a loaner phone. The card is no longer usable and I lost everything. Luckily I had pretty much everything backed up so it wasn't a big loss, but it was still an annoyance, especially because it happened right before I left on vacation.
    Anyway I guess Google just figures that it's easier for them to just eschew any of these potential problems.
  • I understand all that, just surprised since Google does actively support sd card integration in their current OS. For my needs I want a sdcard so I can carry around my music collection and not have 2 devices. It wouldn't be a problem if Google followed Apple and released a 256gb phone,
  • You can upload ALL of your personal music to Google Play Music. You don't have to have a subscription to use it.
  • I have over 120gb of music, plus that would be great if I had an unlimited data plan and I don't. I can't imagine how long it would take to upload that much music. Maybe I will try it just to see how it works.
  • Once you upload music to Google Play it isn't streamed.
  • ?? Once you upload your collection you have to stream the music to the phone to listen to it- I don't understand what you are saying. I am worried about how much data music streaming uses when you don't have an unlimited plan. I am going to try it tonight. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • You still have to stream unless you download each song to your device from within the Google Play App. It gives you the option to save right to the SD card. Thats why theres a download only option. I spend a lot of time on Airplanes for work and most Planes even if they do have wifi its so slow that its unusable. So having the option to save my 100gb+ music collection to my sd card is very important.
  • Pmsl
  • Next time buy a quality micro SD card, like a SanDisk "not an eBay knock off, been running SanDisk cards in my phone and tablet for years with no issues.
  • So why bother adding adoptable storage into Android?
  • +1
  • +2 Never had an issue with sdcard either in devices. Like I said, if it was a big issue Google would not be integrating it in it's OS.
  • They suck? Same reasons as always: less stable, less secure, slower, worse user experience, confusing to consumers. The way apps are installed to SD is still ridiculously messy. It's WAY better to have more internal storage than to have an SD card slot. Hence the 128 GB versions and Apple's new 256 GB internal.
  • For you maybe? For pictures and music an SD card is golden. I would never consider putting apps on one but even having just a 32 gig card for music and pics would be great.
    Modern SD cards most certainly do not 'suck'
  • 100% of SD cards still suck compared to internal storage, but they are getting better as long as people don't buy the cheap ones.
  • SD Card slots are so useless ntm it makes organisation so much harder. I have 4 phones and none of them have an SD Card slot. My 16gb Nexus 5X only has 10GB usable and I still havent used more than 7 GB and that is with YouTube Red videos and about 100 pics on the phone and tiger 500 pics in the cloud.
  • Mazel tov
  • Google wants you to use their cloud services, micro SD prevents that, so don't put them in their devices. Google is annoying, just like all the other companies (Apple still has the number 1 spot though, their loyal fan base helps a lot) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well... they got me. I'm in the process of uploading 12,000 songs to Google Play Music. Started at 5pm yesterday and about 75% done as of 1:30pm the next day. I didn't realize you could do this for free, I thought it was only for paid subs. This may prolong my use of my Nexus 5x now.
  • I'm so disappointed about the price. I have a nexus 6, and I was extremely excited to upgrade to the new Nexus this year. I can't afford 650$. It really sucks.
  • Sell your Nexus 6 on swappa, then buy the new Pixel phone, did you expect a cheap price phone with these specs and pure Android, the cheap Nexus/Pixel days are long gone, they left with the Nexus 6.
  • The N6P was reasonably priced.
  • These are a long ways from pure android.
  • What? That's not even technically true . It's gonna be stock with a few extra features that runs better than just about anything else on Android other than near stock devices like OP3 and Moto Z.
  • +1
  • Same here. I love all the excuses people have for everything on here lol. These phones aren't worth that much. Yeah they can charge it,but it wouldn't make sense even after selling his nexus 6. I highly recommend a different phone. I was waiting to upgrade from my Nexus 6 but if I spend that much on a phone it's gonna have way more features than that. I wanna get the OnePlus 3 but as far as I know it doesn't work on CMDA along with the Moto Z.
  • How much a phone is worth totally depends on the person.
  • This. People cry that iPhones are overpriced, yet lots of people buy those. I preordered the nexus 6, no regrets.
  • Glad to hear.
  • Agree completely. It's the one thing I use for hours a day. I could care less if I need to spend more on a phone to get what I want. It's not too hard to find an extra couple of hundred dollars in my budget to get exactly what I want for something so important. Folks may think it's foolish to spend more but sacrifice something(s) in a phone but I could not disagree with that concept more.
  • I'm not saying because I'm a fan but you're looking at it then completely wrong way. What Nexus/Pixel offers can't be matched by anyone but Apple. That's keeping users on the latest firmware fast after release and OS support from the origin of the Operating system. Not only that, the performance comsistency they deliver on their hardware is only matched by Apple and near stock phones like OP3 and Moto Z, etc. Most don't notice and that's fine. But no way I'm gonna use am Android phone that I know the iphone would destroy side by side. 6s couldn't do that to the 6P at all. And the 7 won't show up the Pixel either.
    All those features are great and enticing but that note 7 can't perform like an iPhone 7. Which is unacceptable with that hardware
  • I have to agree with everything you said here. Also, folks are really kinda down playing the build quality that HTC brings to the table. I love the build quality of the HTC 10 and am hoping that we get the same with the pixel phones. However, when Google brings this phone to the market, if it's not top flight and can't compete with an iPhone, then it will only push people to an iPhone. I truly believe that the iPhones dual camera phone is somewhat gimmicky, although an improvement, but will be no match for Google's HDR+ auto mode. HDR+ is truly awesome on the Nexus 6p. I know people like to tweak with more manual controls, but you just don't need all of that with the 6p and Snapseed for post editing. You can actually use the flash on the 6p and get great natural looking exposures while in HDR mode. If they keep the camera chops and improve the audio experience, then I'll be sold.
  • Exactly!
  • ...Moto Z Droid Edition DEFINITELY works on CDMA (and it's cheaper) ;) If you're on Sprint, there might be a way to unlock droid edition? Or check the CDMA bands in the regular Moto Z
  • The Prices aren't confirmed its called speculation.
  • The generally close. The $650 rumour was for the 32gb XL, so would assume the 5" will be about $499ish for 32gb
  • As long as I can buy it for Verizon but from Google's store at full price. Don't want Verzon touching this phone at all.
  • Why shouldn't you be able to buy it from Google and use it on Verizon, you can use the Nexus 6 and Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P bought from Google on Verizon.
  • Just me worrying (never underestimate Verizon).
  • Hate to tell you but carriers are the final gateway to all OTA updates.
  • Yeah, but my 6P with a Verizon SIM gets the updates just like any other Nexus. I'm worried if I buy the Pixel from Verizon directly and not Google, there will be an issue...a la the VZW Galaxy Nexus (still having nightmares).
  • AMOLED screen? If not I just can't...AMOLED is the best and once you use it it's sucks to go back.
  • Agreed. If it's not AMOLED I will pass and stick with my 128 gig Nexus 6p. It has the 2 year Nexus Protect on it too, so there's always that :)
  • Why would your want to switch from your practically new Nexus 6P. My Nexus 6 is still running strong, no need to upgrade "burn money".
  • Well maybe he likes to upgrade his phone every year like I do and some of us have money to burn. Love how people try to tell others how to spend their money and when or when not to upgrade.
  • damn people and their suggestions, how rude of them
  • He wasn't asking for advice or whether or not he should upgrade. He specially said if it doesn't have a Amoled screen then he is sticking with his 6p. If people choose to upgrade their phone every year more then likely they have the money to do so.
  • again.. how dare him!
  • Even if it is it will be a generation behind Samsung's panel but yet the cost of the phone is in line with Samsung's phones. Unfortunately that is the bad part about AMOLED. Unless you buy a Samsung phone you are getting old tech and why should you pay $650+ for something like that?
  • I don't think most people even know the difference. I know I don't. The 6P's AMOLED is amazing.
  • Yeah I loved the AMOLED on my Nexus 6 even tho it was inferior. i could definitely tell the difference once the Note 5 came out tho.
  • It's really good definitely. But my girlfriend's work phone is an S7, so I've had the opportunity to look at the two displays side by side. The S7 is noticeably better, without a doubt.
  • I can tell the difference. My two 6Ps both have minor burn-in of the nav bar and status bar icons. My old Note 4 doesn't have any at all. Nexus screens may be sourced from Samsung, but they're definitely not getting Samsung's best. I can imagine what that big white Search pill is going to do to Pixel screens.
  • I like AMOLED mainly for the saturated colors btw. But a lot of phones seem to have really good bright and vivid displays now. I wouldn't mind switching back to IPS if it's like an iPhone 7 display with really nice colors and a bright screen. Love my 6P, but it's difficult to see in bright sunlight.
  • It will probably will be super lcd 5 like the htc 10
  • I really hope the prices aren't that high... The Nexus line was pure and a good value. If they are talking these prices I'm more and more tempted to go iPhone. That 7 Plus camera seems awesome and while I've really hated iOS (I use an iPad Mini 2 fairly regularly) iOS 10 fixes some of my major gripes. Plus the Apple Watch is always looking better. (I currently use an MS Band 2 but if they aren't coming out with a 3 or dropping support then I need to move on eventually, also used Windows Phone for 3 years before MS gave up on the platform, still love that OS, so efficient in performance and use)
  • The cheap Nexus line ENDED with the Nexus 6 and Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, where have you been.
  • Yeah for a phone that's only feature is a fingerprint scanner and 7.1 if you count that,i wouldn't pay that much ever when there's so many phones coming out with more to offer for cheaper. If I were to pay that much it definitely would be between iphone 7 or the galaxy s7 because at that price point I at least want some bragging rights. If I pay that much and people just see some brandless phone with a G on the back asking "wtf is that?" I'd feel pretty dumb. I don't brag about my phones,but at that price you have to have something more than "well but I'm gonna get updates before you". Because even if the s7 gets the next major update 6 months after this phone,thats only 6 months that this phone was truly interesting. I paid 200 for my 5x and even with that I wish I'd spent it on a better phone.
  • Really its a phone how old are you?
  • Not very excited with this year's Nexus phones because HTC is making them. Wish anyone else but HTC made them. Hopefully it's just leaked photos that make them look this bad.
  • What did you expect them to look like, they look like a phone should look like.
  • Please go and design a plastic or glass brick and tell me how it comes out.
  • HTC needs to learn as well.
  • There's going to be Nexus phones this year? Where's the rumours? Keep up. Jeez
  • This phone will flop unless it comes preloaded with Allo /s
    It's kinda a tough situation for Google. They either price it low and risk upsetting their partners by undercutting them, or they price it premium and try to go toe to toe with the Goliaths Samsung and Apple. I'm sure Google has some tricks up their sleeve if they are indeed going the premium route, I just have serious doubts that those tricks will be worth the price of admission.
    It should get interesting soon though.
  • Pricing in line with Apple or Samsung will kill these phones....Nexus was always a cheaper alternative without sacrificing much and a carrier alternative. Verizon exclusive goes against everything Google has been about. With Apple and Samsung you are paying for quality somewhat but also for the massive marketing muscle behind the devices. Without that Google is pricing high just because they want to. And I've never seen Google put a lot of marketing behind any of their products. Software tweeks don't cost a lot nor do they deserve premium pricing. If these rumors are true Google better deliver competitively in every single aspect of this phone. There is no room for disappointment or "good enough."
  • This lineup has absolutely nothing to do with Nexus phones. Nexus is dead. Google has already been marketing their announcement date, which they've never really done before. They're also marketing their other products and services in a new way and in huge volume.
  • Marketing their announcement date? Really? How many people besides us in the forums know anything about Google's announcement?
  • People who watch tv, watch YouTube and/or live in the cities where they have the huge building size ads.
  • Im gonna share something that's completely true and u should know being a tech enthusiast. Google is so powerful and superior in the tech industry in both IT capability and financially that it's scary. Only Apple Samsung, and MS, are on that level. If Google wanted to, they could market these phones on a level that scares the industry and have you sick of seeing it on TV and down town. They look to want to want to step up to address fragmentation and because they know it's time to get an iPhone equivalent to the masses that can match Apple's OTA update speeds and security. If they want the pixel to dominate then they'll invest billions and make the brand a monster in a couple years. People got it twisted because they think the nexus sales have been weak, but Google didn't want the Nexus line to be successful cuz itd upset the OEM adopters. Now it's a bit different. They did a marketing test run in the US with the 6P and 5x and it was plastered all over primetime TV to begin showing Google phones to the masses and it showed in online n store sales. Now it'll be that x 10.
  • +1
  • Finally someone that knows what their talking about, not like the idiots that are talking out their asses, well said
  • No it was not please go check your nexus history
  • Pixel branding = pixel price range. Hopefully the phone are a bit less of a let down like the other pixel super expensive unnecessary devices.
  • I wonder if these will see the return of wireless charging. I hope so.
  • They have metal bodies, besides the funky looking glass area around the FPS, so I would say no wireless charging.
  • Yeah, if only they had some funky looking glass back, then they could have wireless charging...
  • So you're only going to have the wireless charging capability positioned on the uppermost portion which is a small area, brilliant plan. That will lay down on a lot of chargers in an excellent fashion. Optimal positioning there, all day long, sherlock holmes.
  • I know, because wireless chargers haven't at all increased their range and nobody on the planet is designing new ones.
    Keep your job as an understudy Watson, you still got a ways to go.
  • Have a good day, and enjoy no wireless charging on the pixels, because of primarily metal construction. Carry on, little troll. What brand of phone is it you fanboy for, or do you hate them all, and just like to be a constant troll? Even writers on here have put you in your place, because it's very obvious what you are.
  • Back in July 2015 Qualcomm announced the ability to wireless charge through metal. The 2015 Nexus phones were announced too soon afterwards to incorporate wireless charging, with the technology allowing it through metal casing being so recently announced. I'm hoping it makes a return to the Nexus > Pixel line this year.
  • Given the small screen size of either phone, I'm probably going to skip this years phone (or perhaps get a Note 7), wireless charging is probably the only thing that would convince me to buy it and have a smaller screen.
  • As someone else mentioned before I could, wireless charging through metal does exist, and QUALCOMM offers one solution for it. Keep hoping that google will include it.
    Source, because I can:
  • As someone else mentioned, there are forms of wireless charging that can go through certain types of metal. Qualcomm offers one of them, so it's totally possible that it was added to this phone. Likely, who knows, that's a completely different story. But totally possible.
  • Yes, I know full well of it's existence. I also know that it is being withheld from the market through litigation, and that Samsung owns a chunk of it, as well.
  • Seriously who the hell uses wireless charging. That feature is more useless and underused than any of the others.
  • Thanks a lie.
  • Wireless charging is terrible for battery. Why people use it I have no idea, except of course, for simplicity like not plugging in a cable but I'll take that over damaging a battery.
  • Why/how does it damage the battery?
  • The first commercially available versions of wireless charging devices were pretty inefficient and generated a LOT of heat when active. Exposing your battery to high temperatures is not good for it. Newer versions transfer power much more efficiently, though, so they charge faster and don't get nearly as warm.
  • If Google is in bed with the carriers (especially Verizon) that could be, in part, the reason for the pricing. Carriers love high priced phones so they can finance them. Financing phones is the new carrier way of locking you in without calling it a "contract".
  • It's trying to compete with iPhone it's a phone 99percent of us won't be too fond off. It's going to be Samsung guest mode style.
  • I wish the front didn't look so iPhoninsh... The back I don't care, it's going in a case anyway
  • I just joined the Nexus fan club and I am very disappointed in what these new Pixels look like from the renders. I know that I should reserve judgment until they are officially released, but I can't help but feel that Google is going to change Android to something akin to Touch Wiz and to lock the phone down like IOS. Lord only knows how these changes are going to effect all the other manufacturers and carriers with exclusive features and handsets. My gut tells me that I need to pick up a few Nexus 6p's to have for backups
  • These are not Nexus phones though. They're something different.
  • Same thing couple more add on features. Same product. Rebranded to sell to the masses on a large scale
  • Still waitin' either for something to look forward to here or for that fabled and to-date well-hidden feature that's allegedly gonna turn the heads of iPhone users everywhere and justify pricing a 1080p phone at $650.
  • Well it's already ahead of the iPhone 7 on AMOLED display over IPS, higher resolution screen, better software, larger battery, USB C and a few other things. And the iPhone 7's 4.7" 720p phone is $650 for 32 GB, right?
  • AMOLED doesn't automatically make it better. We also have to look at brightness and color accuracy.
  • Whoa. Awesome.
  • If these are priced like iPhone, they will sell poorly.
    Remember how will the Nexus 5 sold and how poorly the Nexus 6 sold? The 5" needs to be priced at $400 or less if they want to sell. Look at the Huawei Honor 8. They need to compete with that.
  • The cheap Nexus 5 days are long gone, were have you been, the phones are priced according to specs, like the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 6P, the days of the cheap Nexus 5 area long gone, if you can't afford it at launch, just wait and get it 6 months later at the price your wallet can handle. For me my Nexus 6 is still running strong.
  • I bought my Nexus 5X for $250, new, direct from Google. If the Pixel 5" costs $650, it will float like a lead balloon.
    Xiaomi Mi5s is expected next week with Snapdragon 821, 6GB RAM & 256GB onboard, 5.2" display for less than $450.
    With 64GB, it is expected at $300.
    Ex-Googler Hugo Barra is doing it right. If 5" Pixel phone is $650, it will not sell. The days of overpriced phones are over, not the other way around.
  • This seems to be missing the point that China has much more competition on price and they are almost always pricing phones well below other markets for devices that aren't going wide. If you add in the cost of importing one brand new and then factor in that it won't work for over half of US consumers - we end up having a pretty different conversation because one is a non starter due to being unavailable. Is there even any indication that it'll be able to run the Play Store? Bottom line, WILDLY insecure phone, can't buy it most places, won't work most places priced for distribution in Eastern markets only vs flagship device by global OEM on the cutting edge of tech and available from your local carrier or from Google directly on monthly payments. Hmm...
  • Man if you check what sailfish offers against something like op3 or p9 you can justify the cost. Better screen panel/resolution, probably much better camera since it's a clear update from last's year, better build quality and the much much better pure android optimised especially for these devices. Additionally for 2 years you get instant updates, 3 for security. I can justify giving 650 for a phone like this rather than giving 899 for the base note 7 model
  • No I don't remember that, because no one ever reported sales numbers. One blog will say they're sluggish while on the same day another will say they can't keep up with demand on the same device. Why would Google target the midrange Honor 8's pricetag with a flagship device? The Honor 8 is an interesting device, but it's DEFINITELY a midranger while everything we know about the Pixel indicates that it's DEFINITELY a flagship, just smaller. Why would the Pixel line be competing with the Honor 8? The Honor 8 competes with the OnePlus 3 and Axon 7, but more so the OnePlus 3.
  • HTC is making the Pixels, there high end HTC M10 isn't exactly sitting the world on fire in the sales department, I've seen it with $100 off sales already, so why is Google going to have these high prices, I was hoping for the small Pixel for $499 for 32 gigs of storage, if not the 6P for $399 is just fine for me!
  • The reason the HTC 10 is not setting the world on fire is called the Samsung marketing machine "it's hard for a small Taiwanese company to compete with Samsung, especially with no advertising dollars", and also HTC deciding to use an LCD panel instead of AMOLED panel on the HTC 10. The phone otherwise is up there with the rest of the competition.
  • And the camera, and the battery life. No where near Samsung.
  • Guys, I'm scared. The price, removing desireable features (front-facing speakers), and the extremely basic Allo messaging app all leave me concerned about where we're headed. I do believe the marketing aspect to the whole Pixel branding is a good thing, but I'm not sure this initial introduction is going to be a step forward as much as a sidestep.
  • My question is what sort of stand-out stuff it has from its main competitors that aren't "fast updates"?
  • I'm as concerned with current features going away as I am with a lack of new killer features. I really hope that the easily accessible factory images don't go away.
  • One thing Apple does great, is selling the phone at a carriers store without them involved in the updates or software. If Google can put it's might behind this phone and force carriers to sell the phone without interference with software, then they might have something. I mean, unlocked phones don't need updates to go thru carriers, why should any of them. Vzw will tell you different though.
  • Carriers control the wireless waves. Updates do go through carriers unless you flash factory images and even then I would imagine the radios and possibly other parts of the phones have to go through carrier approval for CDMA.
  • No water resistance, too expensive, and above all no expandable storage. No thank you!
  • The lack of features like water resistance, wireless charging and an sd card slot in addition to the styling being very sort of mid-range looking (mostly referring to the very large bezels) means they are not going to sell very many if they try to price these the same as an iPhone or Galaxy S/Note 7. Being from Google only gets them so many guaranteed sales from the hardcore fans. With rumors of root being more difficult along with a $650+ price tag for the base model and Google's sort of famous privacy and data mining practices I am really wondering who their target market is going to be for these phones. The general public doesn't care about updates. I am not sure why people think they have anything to do with how well these new phones sell. The general public either wants an iPhone or they want a phone with all the features and styling of the Samsung phones. The Pixel seems to be neither of those things as we've seen it so far.
  • Google is still a well known company. They could easily become popular in the smartphone world if they advertise enough and price it right.
  • But this isn't for hard core fans
  • Can't wait for the pixel phone ... Been waiting years for Google to step up the hardware game. I hope this phone has the same or better build than their other pixel products, like the pixel c and Chromebook pixels...I'm hoping it matches that top tier feel...I have been a nexus loyalist since the Nexus 4, and I do feel a little let down by the build quality except for the Moto Nexus 6 (built like a beast that I could smash my 6p with:-). So I do really neeeeeeed this phone to be as beast a build as the iPhone (yeah I said it). So I'll be buying on day 1... Don't let me down Google.
  • The price is a bummer. Maybe big G will sweeten the deal a bit with $50 Play Store Credit or something like that...
  • Why is it more important to make a razor thin phone than to add a few millimeters so you can have a battery that can make it through a day of moderately heavy use? I have the original Droid Turbo and find it to be an ideal tradeoff. It has a massive battery which easily lasts a full day of heavy use, yet it is not awkward or unwieldy in heft or size. Plus, it has an exterior that doesn't mandate having a case. I was really looking forward to this phone as I love my Pixel C. Guess I will soldier on with my Turbo.
  • I am stoked for these phones, after the disappointment that was the Note 7 I decided I might want to try something non-Samsung for a change. Lack of waterproof is disappointing but not a deal breaker. The only thing that will keep me from snagging the XL would be a shoddy camera, which is a possibility. I am seriously looking forward to October 4th, I guess if the camera sucks or there is another deal breaker I will stick with my S6 until next year.
  • Let's see if Google tries to convince us that OIS isn't needed on a camera again because the sensor is so good...
  • Yeaaaah I seriously hope that isn't the case, OIS is needed, there is no way around it.
  • What exactly was disappointing about the Note 7, was it the fantastic screen, the 64 GB initial storage with expandable storage, was it the great phone camera, notice I said phone camera, was it the great features of the stylus, was it the water proofing, just pointing out a small list of the Note 7 features, what exactly was it that was disappointing, don't give us the battery issue, because that is not a phone hardware issue, bad batch of batteries happen more often than you think.
  • I owned a Note 7, I found it wasn't noticeably faster than my S6 and the curved screen wasn't for me. I loved the size of the phone but realized that the stylus was not something I needed. Sorry my opinion on a cell phone struck such a nerve.
  • Not at all, you just made no sense, this coming from a Nexus 6 owner.
  • Well, it's his opinion.
  • I mean, it's my opinion. I used the phone for almost a month, had a chance to return it and did. I'm not saying it is a bad phone, just saying that for me it was a disappointment.
  • There's nothing disappointing about the note 7. What you said really doesn't make sense at all
  • That is also an opinion.
  • I love that there is a smaller version but I would only be interested if it had a micro SD card slot.
  • It is a Google phone, obviously there is going to be no SD card.
  • Google's OS support them. It just doesn't make sense that their hardware doesn't.
  • The OS was made to support them because the OEM's do, not because it's a good idea.
  • "The 1080p screen should help power it through the day". Why play around with people? I'm on a 5x right now. Nexus phones have always had bad battery life with the 6P being the exception in most cases. Its arguable that most of the flaws in past Nexus phones root from LG making them,but I still think this is gonna be a typical 3hrs screen on time phone.
  • 5X and 6P both have very solid battery life. 6 was decent, 5 was good, not sure about the 4 but since it's from 2012 probably not relevant. Pixel C has fantastic battery life. I'm using the 5X, 6P and Pixel C on a daily basis and still have my 6 active on Project Fi. Do you have another 1080p phone with the same battery size that gets battery life way over what you see on the 5X?
  • I've had 2 6p and battery life is trash. 3.5 hours of screen time is unacceptable. And no, I don't want to turn everything off that makes it a smartphone. For that I get an old flip phone.
  • Weird, your 6P's are definitely sub par unless that's over a very long period or terrible network conditions, etc. 4-6 hours SOT is pretty normal in a 24 hour period for my usage and I know of several people getting much better than that with their usage.
  • Currently on 1 hr 50 minute screen on time on my 6p @ 80% battery. I get a minimum of 4.5 hours daily and have gone over 6 hours, not somebody that's competing to brag about my SOT just regular use. Sounds like an issue with the phones or user but have had nothing but good things to say about battery life on this phone (I've had it 6 months currently on NRD90U.)
  • It seems like every year, right before the new Nexus (now Pixel) phones come out, everyone loses their **** and announces that the sky is falling.
  • Yep, last year everyone was convinced the 6P was garbage based on the leaks, turned out to be one of if not the best phone of the year.
  • Ah, so you remembered. :p
  • No one is losing their **** as you put it, but people are upset at what was mostly an affordable phone turning into an expensive phone for no good reason. Updates? Wow! I'm sold.
  • You're basing your "for no good reason" off of speculation. If you say that after the press release, it'll carry a little more weight.
  • What affordable phone turned into an expensive phone for now reason? There's never been a Pixel phone before. But let's do this another way. Take the Nexus 5X, which is $399 MSRP for the 32 GB. Take out the SD808 processor, give it a processor better than that in the Note 7. Take out the 2 GB RAM, give it 4 GB RAM. Take out the plastic, replace it with metal. Take the IPS screen, as good as it was, and replace it with a next gen AMOLED display. Take LG and all of their muckery out of the equation and replace it with Google calling the shots exactly as they want to see it. Take out the complete lack of decent audio in the 5X and replace it with one of the best amps available. Add into it a new level of software previously hindered by the Nexus partnership. Add in much better security. Add in the ability to buy it from your carrier or on payment plans, etc. Add in the fact that it's the first phone that will be able to support seamless updates (and thus be able to get Android O without some WILD last minute gymnastics by the OEM). That's not worth a couple extra bucks? It's a like a Nexus 5X that's better in every possible way and is the first mobile phone device that Google seems to actually be invested in.
  • +1
  • The 6p was not an inexpensive phone outside the USA.
  • This^
  • For one: I appreciate that Google is going the "challenging iPhone directly" route and pairing with HTC to be their sole ODM. However, "Pixel" doesn't sound as cool as "Nexus" brandwise. Also, with the advent of the iPhone7 breaking phone internal storage barriers... if you're going to charge iPhone prices you had better offer iPhone features. In particular, storage, and now water resistance. 32/128GB is nice, but it would have been cool to see them undercutting Apple with 64/256GB configurations. Especially if you're pricing them the same AND not offering extra internal storage. More storage, less price is a no brainer. Pairing with HTC also means I hope we see more "up to date" specs. Not that the Nexus 6P was bad in that regard. Flames Comin' Out Of The Phone-Hole or not, the Samsung Galaxy line is hard to beat in Android land this year. Even with carrier meddling, of this year there was less (except at Verizon, of course), and even completely US/Canada unlocked variants for the first time. If Google puts their foot down to the carriers (especially Verizon -- none of their bloatware, at most locking down to their network) like Apple does, that's a good step in the right direction.
  • "If Google puts their foot down to the carriers (especially Verizon -- none of their bloatware, at most locking down to their network) like Apple does, that's a good step in the right direction." This is exactly my hope for the Pixel line. My concern is that Google doesn't have the leverage to force Verizon to let them do it their way.
  • If these phones are front and center in verizon stores, there is a 90% + chance that you are screwed, if you are looking for these phones not to be filled to brim with verizon's garbage ware.
  • Xiaomi Mi5s is expected next week with Snapdragon 821, 6GB RAM, 5.2" display for less than $450.
    Ex-Googler Hugo Barra is doing it right. If 5" Pixel phone is $650, it will not sell.
  • They look *****. If they're iPhone clones then no way. My Nexus 5X will be staying put.
  • You'll have to upgrade eventually.
  • Sure, but not to one of those monstrosities!
  • You don't like Pixel?
  • I think we're all in agreement over the pricing of the Pixel phones. Think about this for minute:
    When Apple or Samsung attach a price to their flagship devices, what are we actually paying for? We're paying for top notch hardware, iOS and Touchwiz, great cameras, responsive fingerprint scanners, AND brand name. Both companies offer great devices that usually set the bar each year in terms of quality, sales, and user experience. We trust that the iPhone will be better than the previous, and the next Galaxy is indeed the next best thing. I believe we're paying for the brand name. Even though I love many Google products, I feel they need to prove they are able to manufacture and support a flagship device each year, while keeping the previous version updated. Proving their flagship and brand can only be done over time. I'm not asking for a $400 price, however I'm looking for something that says, "We're new, we want your attention and business. We believe our product and experience can compete with the best, but we'll make it a bit easier for you to give us a shot." If the Pixel is a big hit and people are buying them up, then consider the first year a success. I certainly wouldn't have a problem with paying more for the next version if it truly is a great experience. People will pay a premium for what they trust and have confidence in. No one wants to get stuck on a payment plan for 24 months on a device they don't like. (Sure, there is Swappa, but not everyone uses it.)
  • The problem is one company isn't making the phones, so every year becomes a crap shoot as to whether it's going to have a good camera or good speakers or the build quality is up to par. Huawei hit a homerun with the 6P and LG dropped the ball with the 5x. So what will HTC do? Who knows? But for those prices it better blow away the iphone and the GS7.
  • Why are you putting it to a higher standard than those phones? You're basically setting yourself up for disappointment.
  • Because if the rumors are true they are pricing their phones like they have those higher standards.
  • Well, don't say I didn't I warn ya.
  • THIS!!!!!
  • No we aren't, I am not going to gripe about the pricing of a phone that has not even officially been announced. Try not to speak for other people.
  • *sigh*
    I guess it's time to jump on the mid-range bandwagon...
  • I'm looking forward to the Xiaomi Mi5s. Snapdragon 821, 6GB RAM, 64GB storage = $300. The only thing midrange about that is the price. I'm watching this over the next 2 weeks to see if I'm upgrading from the N5X:
  • OnePlus 3 is calling your name!
  • OnePlus 3 is too big for my tiny Trump-like hands. 5"-5.2" is the size for me.
  • I really don't like the price point and to me it doesn't make sense that the PIxel is 5" while the XL is just another half inch bigger? I was holding off on a Note 7. I'll still wait for the actual event but I am not so happy with the news so far. I'm actually considering getting an iPhone 7 Plus.
  • An iPhone 7 plus, really, LMAO.
  • Yep the XL is too small, I've been buying every Nexus phone for years, I'm thinking about skipping this year or perhaps buying a Galaxy Note 7 (one of the non-exploding ones).
  • I will wait to see if the xl drops in price like the Nexus 6p did after a few months, if it doesn't I'll stick with my 6p.
  • You'd think that after that horrid movie they'd have moved away from the name 'Pixels' :P
  • No 64 GB version
    I may have to hold on to my Nexus 6 for longer
  • Nothing wrong with the Nexus 6,mine is still going strong , it does everything , and does it well .
  • Pixel Name= Pixel Price is dumb logic.
  • They had to change the name. There was nowhere to go with the Nexus numbering scheme. After the Nexus 6 and 6P they couldn't go to Nexus 7 because of the tablet. Nexus 8 was available but then Nexus 9 was already a tablet. Too much confusion so they just changed the name.
  • This didn't stop them bringing out the 5x after the 6.
  • If performance and build quality are on par with iPhone/Galaxy, the logic is perfectly sound.
  • given the history, I hope tmobile offers the xl in store
  • If diehard Nexus fans are not ready for these devices then who in the public is with these price hikes? Google ask yourself how many people bought the costly Pixel C and Chromebook Pixel. I wish Google had people who read these forums to know how we consumers feel.
  • You can be reassured. Google definitely know what's being said in fora.
  • the pixel c and chromebook pixel were reference devices not really meant to appeal to mass market
  • I have been saying for sometime this was googles end game . To sell high priced phones for high profit margins and people though I was crazy. You Nexus nuts happy now?
  • You can say it and they can try it but so far it hasn't worked well for them and won't this time either. Unless they have something truly magical hiding up their sleeve, these phones at these prices will be doa. Who are they marketing this to? Die hard Nexus fans are not going to pay extortion "iphone" prices and the average consumer will know nothing about these unless they are plastered in every carrier store and have a TV blitz of advertising.
  • I would expect google to do the most marketing they have ever done for a phone. Especially when the pixel pricing suggests that they want to sell it at carrier stores
  • Your are not getting it are you these phones are not made with Nexus fans in mind. There are for the every day user who does not pour over spec lists and comment in Android Central blogs.
  • I guess the Nexus 5x is my last 'Google made' phone for a while. I can't justify spending so much money on a phone. I've had a number Nexi, and I'll be disappointed that the phones will now be out of reach for me.
  • OP3, Robin, Idol 4, Axon luckily there some really good phones available at reasonable prices.
  • I'm looking at the Xiaomi Mi 5S and Huawei Honor 8 instead of the Pixel. Idol 4 is cheap, with nice display, but processor is not in the same league.
  • I keep thinking the same thing, but I can't get over not having Google's own version of Android, and guaranteed on-time updates.
  • Looks promising. Really hope they have a dual sim version as well - but I won't hold my breath!!
  • What exactly looks promising besides the 821 chip?
  • Not sure now you mention it.
  • Minor upgrades in battery and processing performance.
  • Better than nothing.
  • Samsung Galaxy and iPhone price territory. For a unknown name phone? Good luck with that Google.
  • Google asking for a premium price on the Pixel is like Tebow pursuing a career in MLB. Many people know of him and he's well liked, but don't know if he can compete at that level. What happens? He gets a tryout. He's allowed into the Instructional League or whatever and he proves himself through his performance. If he's picked up, then he can ask for MLB dollars. Same with Google, we all know about their services and software, but we don't know if they can compete at Apple and Samsung levels. Let's give them a tryout. We'll buy their device and let the experience determine what we think. If people like it, they'll spread the word and continue to buy it. If its viewed as a legitimate contender, then they can ask for Apple and Samsung dollars.
  • If it is equal to/better than the iPhone and Galaxy in terms of build quality and performance, I think it will do really well.
  • I hope they're available through Verizon. I want one baaaaaad, but I don't have $650 available at the moment. Besides, if you consider time value of money, I spend less if I make monthly installments, rather than buy the phone outright. :-)
  • That's really not true, $650 spread over 24 months is still $650.
  • If you consider the time value of money, $650 spread over 24 months, because of inflation and opportunity cost (the ROI I could obtain by saving/investing that $650), is less than $650 today. In other words, I have the $650, but I can put it to better use elsewhere, since the payments made on the phone are interest free.
  • That's rubbish. 650 in 2 years is less than 650 now because of inflation.
  • I should rephrase. I have the $650, but I can't justify dropping it all at once on a phone, but bumping phone bill up by $27/mo isn't so bad.
  • That's how banks and anyone that finances anything has convinced people to make payments on everything. Can't afford a car just make payments, can't afford a tv just make payments, can't afford a phone just make payments. You said you have the money so that's fine but making payments on a phone? It's gotten ridiculous that everything in this country needs to be spread out over payments so people can afford them.
  • What I said is only true if a) you can (truly) afford the payments and b) you can guarantee a higher rate of return than you're paying in interest. With 0% interest on a phone, and $27 payments, it's a no brainer. Especially since my phone bill, including the phone payment and 3GB more data, would still be lower than my VZW bill was prior to the killing off of subsidies. On general principle, however, I totally agree with you. There's nothing inherently wrong with debt if it's used strategically, but our materialism has driven it out of control.
  • It's only a matter of time before the greedy carriers start charging interest.
  • Google don't have the name to charge Apple prices when it comes to phones, I already refuse to pay Apples stupid prices. If they do come in at $650+ without something amazing to justify it i will be going for the ZTE Axon 7.
  • "In short: Expect a bunch of Pixel-exclusive software features that might not make it to any other Android phones." Yea because that's not a good way to alienate OEMs.
  • What Google is saying is, "To hell with the OEMs". They'll get stock Android and can do what they want with their TouchWiz, MIUI, or whatever skin they want. Unfortunately, Google is holding all the cards when it comes to Android. It starts with them, so they can hold back a feature or improvement because it will benefit the Pixel and not release it in stock. We won't know what pure Android will be anymore....only the Google Android wants Pixel users to see.
  • No Google isn't holding all of the cards, plus Google makes money off of search ads on Android.
  • It's needed. Stock android is so plain and feature less. I saw an article on one of the sites, devoted to the fact that google may actually be adding a "reboot" feature to the power menu. LMAO, i think the power "MENU" consists of Power Off on stock android.
  • Seriously have you ever used a Nexus device....
  • Nexus and now the Pixel. This type of brand confusion is all most at Microsoft levels. Google stick with a brand and market as such. You don't see Apple changing the name of the iPhone every 24 months do you...
  • Yes
  • It's kind of lame that there is no 256 GB version NOR they having 6 gigabytes of RAM especially for that price! Come on Google, if Chinese companies can do it so can you! Premium price? Offer PREMIUM specs and currently 6 gigabytes it is since I have no doubt that's what 2017 models will come with! Future proof! AND, the most important, do an Apple and update your devices accordingly. It's pathetic how devices are easily abandoned. It's come to a point where our devices are powerful enough for them to handle 4-5 years of OS updates.
  • 4 years of updates would be great, but I would think some people would have already upgraded by then. I know I would.
  • none of the "premium" offerings have 6 gbs of ram furthermore since google doesn't really have a skin on their os the amount of ram available to you is a lot more than other phones with 4 gbs. specs are not everything.
  • You're complaining about a device launching in 2016 not having 2017 specs. And you're also complaining about devices not being future proofed? Which one do you want: Annual hardware evolution, or stagnation for 5 years at a time? You can't have both, they run counterproductive to each other.
    You see any mobile processors from 5 years ago supporting 4GB of RAM, let alone 6? Here's the top selling Galaxy S2 from 2011:
    4.3" Screen (480 x 800)
    8MP Camera
    Samsung Exynos 4210 (1.2gHz)
    1GB RAM
    16GB Storage
    Android 2.3 Gingerbread Fast forward to 2016... I'm sure glad these specs weren't "future proofed" Oh yeah, and that S2 ran ballpark $800 full retail when it launched.
  • What is up with the all this HTC disdain? HTC makes good phones. Have you guys not seen the HTC 10? Even if they were bad in the past, they sure have gotten WAY better.
  • Looks like another run of the mill mid range phone that won't be updated after the first year. Junk
  • If it's 650-700 and 5.5" Amoled 820/821, why wouldn't you just get the Moto Z unlocked? Then you have the option to slap on Wireless Charging / Speaker / Backs, plus get the Moto Display stuff. I would say both are grossly over priced, but if you're going to spend that, I don't see any reason to go with the Pixel, which won't have any extra features aside from latest bare OS, that lacks the most basic features provided by Samsung /Huawei / Htc...
  • Unlocked Moto Z Force along with some Moto Mods makes it the ULTIMATE phone.
  • No it doesn't.
  • It can do so much with the mods though.
  • Because a Moto Z may or may not get timely security updates.
  • If the $650 price is for the 32GB Pixel, I wish them good luck with their new venture. I'll read all about their progress on the OnePlus 3 that I plan to purchase, instead.
  • You sound like a jilted lover.
  • I was excited for this release since I own a nexus 6p but there are so many new phones to choose from.
    lg v20, pixel devices, iphone 7, samsung,,, nah
    but i hope it can compete well in the uber competitive high end market
  • What's wrong with your Nexus 6P.
  • I was hoping the blurred part at the front was a light strip/swirl of some kind!
  • My 128gb 6P and project-fi will be good enough for another year. There's nothing I've read that would make the Pixel phones, for me, a must purchase.
  • Anyone know the specs on the audio? Dual front facing speakers?
  • At $650 Google isn't really helping anyone. RIP HTC
  • Google is not here to help you, they are running a business.
  • He's referring to HTC. HTC is slowly failing with their own phone sales, and having them manufacture high end phones for Google isn't going to help them. Theres also the worry that these Pixel phones will cannibalize the other OEM's sales. The thing that kept Nexus at bay from killing the other OEMs was you had to purchase them outright at full retail price. You couldn't get them at a contract discount through a carrier. Plus the Nexus phones weren't compatible with Verizon's network. However now with these Pixel phones they'll be easier to get a hold of if in fact they will be sold through carriers. They'll sell far better than the Nexus phones ever did despite their higher price for an unlocked version.
  • The Nexus 5 and 6 were available from multiple carriers and did not have to be purchased outright. Google doesn't need to worry about stepping on OEM toes; "pure Android" and "made by HTC" are some of the weakest selling points imaginable for your average low-information buyer. Even if both Pixels were to come to every major carrier Samsung is still going to absolutely dominate sales due to their brand power.
  • Now that my non-exploding replacement Note7 has had the benefit of the recent "green battery icon" update, it's running much smoother and faster than before. So with the little bit of jank sorted, combined with the expandable storage, amazing display, IP68 rating, S Pen (which I do use), the stellar camera and Samsung Pay, I am still absolutely curious to see the Pixel phones. But unless there's a super killer feature we havent seen yet, I'm already not interested in actually buying one. Yes, I'm sure it will "fast" on the 821 and stock Android. (For awhile.)
  • I'm interested in what the Pixel phones have to offer, but there are so many options out there that appear to have better design quality as well as features that would persuade me to go elsewhere for my android fix regardless of having the latest version as compared to competitors.
  • I would never have a phone without a replaceable battery. In business, I can't take the chance of having to worry about a phone going dead heading towards the end of a long day. I wonder after the note 7 fiasco if Samsung will stick with fixed batteries. I carry an extra battery in my wallet for my LG 4.
    I can see the argument against SD cards. However, I have never had a problem with that card going bad in any of our phones.
  • I think the main argument against sd cards is that they are much slower than internal memory.
  • Then you will be without a phone soon cause removable batteries are going away.
  • Then why are there more and more phones coming out today with replaceable batteries? I love being able to replace my batteries in phones. I find that the batteries last about one year if you're lucky.
  • "high-end handsets with appropriately high-end price tags" hardware almost equal to OnepLus phones lol...
  • Perfect Nexus/Pixel phone... 2014 Moto X with stereo front facing speakers instead of the one mono speaker, fingerprint scanner where the Motorola dimple is, and 2016 high end specs. That would be one killer phone.
  • They should have made the XL version 6" to fit its name.
  • "Favorites tray?" Is that like... the dock?
  • I was hoping for a real flagship device. Bigger battery better camera stereo speakers waterproof strong non scratch glass plus some really unique features. I think iPhone now is killing Android after the mess of note 7 which has been a joke.
  • They look awful. Like Iphones in fact, huge, revolting bezels. Yuck.
  • I'm still hoping for the Huawei Pixel 7p tablet with LTE. A worthy Nexus 6 replacement.
  • I am excited to see what they come out with on 10/4 but the more I hear about the Pixel the less interested I am in the new phones. IP 53 rating has me concerned and price rumors. The Pixel chromebook and Pixel C are top notch devices and so I will wait and see and am hoping for something better.
  • The only way I'll get one is if my 6p doesn't get all the new features
  • They look very ugly and can not beat Levono Moto, they are lightyears ahead with their moto mods , battery life etc.
  • Never expected a company like Levono Moto blowing Apple, Google, LG, Samsung totally away. Well done, Moto . well done.
  • Lenovo?
  • Thanks - I needed that laugh
  • battery life is the new feature. 8-10 hours SOT with my Moto Z Play ,YAY
  • We care, oh we care a lot. But we are commenting on an article on an Android site. Will any normal consumer care or even be aware of these devices? No.
  • wait for October 4 To make the decision
  • I can not wait for the new phone and the technology it brings with it. Coming from an apple environment but also an andriod user, the grey bar of death with a 6 plus was the last straw for me with there devices.
  • Now I understand why they are dumping the beloved "Nexus" name and all its brand recognition. Money! They call it Pixel so they can charge more. Nice
  • Why does anyone think a phone in 3rd quarter of 2016 would I phone be made with this ip rating? It doesn't make any sense to me why it isn't standard... Do you believe these manufacturers don't see this as a selling point?
  • If the pricing is anything over $500 for the Plus model and $400 for the regular these phones will be an epic fail. Bank it.
  • What's the SAR rating on these phones going be?
  • It's a bit sad for htc to just be to google what foxconn is to apple...
  • 2770 mah :(
  • Anything over $450 for the pixel and $600 for the xl is insane...especially with OnePlus, ZTE, and Honor showing what can be done for $400...
  • Anything here that justifies an upgrade from a Galaxy S7? I'm not seeing much here to be honest.
  • Nope. You're good for now. Wait till next year.
  • Hopefully these are good phones...if not after my abysmal Note 5 experience I'll just head back to an iPhone...come on HTC turn out a couple winners
  • OnePlus 3? HTC 10? LG V20?
  • I guess I should check out the HTC 10...
  • That phones back is ugly thank God I bought the Nexus 6p
  • What is the future of my LG Chromebase
  • That ad was the least informative ad I think I've ever seen.
  • I think the name should have never changed... Nexus was a great name. Pixel is just stupid.
  • hopefully the screens will be AMOLED and we will see the dual speaker setup from the htc 10. I am really interested in the smaller pixel as a replacement to my beloved (but no longer functioning) nexus 5
  • They better not put 'flagship' pricing on these. That will take all the excitement out of them. If so, I think I'd lean towards picking up a 5X at a reduced price once these drop.
  • I can't stand its design... IPhone written all over it.
  • yeah i will great
  • They will probably be out before the V20 at this rate.
  • Edit
  • Looks ugly IMO. Kinda sucks because I have a Nexus 6P and want this.
  • High price for Pixel and Pixel XL
    So LG google 5x Excellent deal
  • No sd slot- pass! I know some folks could care less about sd slots, since probably not game and media junkies like me. I salute your apparent lack of compulsion :)
  • I'm very excited for the pixel phones
  • Any views on how many countries all get these devices?
  • Sad we are going to have to spend 650 - 700 on a phone to get an up to date version of Android
  • I am hoping they don't use the crappy camera from HTC. 6P camera has been one of best Nexus camera to date and extremely pleased with it. I hope they don't go backwards. That said I'm looking forward to see what the Pixel phones to offer and if it is worthy replacement for my 6P but with HTC at the helm i'm not so optimistic but hey Oct 4th baby all will be revealed!
  • To be honest I hope they don't call this a Pixel phone. To me it seem out of place with the Pixel line up. They should have kept the hardware inline with the other Pixel products.
  • I think the pricing is a good move on their part. If they want to compete with Apple and Samsung they have to position their phones as premium and desirable. People will want them as a statement. People want iPhones partially because "people who can afford iPhones buy iPhones." (Not my opinion but I've seen that comment from a lot of iPhone users). It'll work the same way with the pixels.
  • The question is does Google phones have the same brand recognition as Iphones and Galaxies?
  • Exactly. That's another marketing strategy. People will pay a high price thinking they are getting quality.
  • People who can't afford buy iPhones as you can get them on contract and leasing programmes. There not exclusive as everyone like to make out
  • OK so there gonna run 7.1..
    I would love it if Google blew everyone away and announced
    .. ta da here's the new Pixel it's gonna run Andromeda our brand new better than android OS lol..
    Q... total fandroid devastation.. but, it's Google it doesn't have to make sense.. they can really do whatever they want..
  • As far as I know they are not brining anything new or innovative. At least nothing Samsung and Apple already have. Yes the Nexus enthusiats will probably buy for the whole pure Android experience and updates. But at $650 I think they'll just be shooting themselves in the foot. RIP Nexus
  • A big problem with every phone that isn't an iPhone is receiving timely OS updates guaranteed for multiple years. Most phones are stuck awaiting carrier approval. You can get timely updates on a few Android phones, but not always on every carrier (*Verizon*). I'm not sure if any other company will wrest that control from the carriers while maintaining a good relationship with them. I wonder if Google can pull it off.
  • Couple weeks? How about NEXT week! I'm ok with a Verizon exclusive, but if Verizon puts one piece of bloatware on absolutely no one will buy it.
  • Does anyone know a single non-developer and/or non-interested in tech news person that actually cares about timely OS updates?
  • What I expect is 7.1 Ota for Nexus 6 as a reason for skipping the 7.0 all together and the pixel launcher on the play store. Short of that, I'll be very disappointed.
  • Was looking forward to this until I saw what the price may be.
  • As a Project Fi customer, I'm going to be very unhappy if the phone has "iphone-level" pricing. Specifically since I currently can't use any other phone with the service.
  • Wow screw that. One of the uglier phones this year too. Go OP3 or Axon. "mid-range" is the new "high-end".
  • I have a hard time believing these are the new Google phones. Looks like a dam iPhone.
  • Ugly and extremely overpriced. My n6 and 5x are the last Google phones for at least the short term. Price is an issue.
  • All ready to purchase both of them the first day they become available. I believe that both of them will cost me about one thousand dollars I am hoping to get them 800$.
  • If Google did an Apple type program (upgrades and Apple Care type coverage) I'd definitely sign up.
  • Anybody thought that Nexus may not be dead? Pixel is a premium Google branded phone. What if they follow with another Nexus co-branded phone in the $400 range?
  • 1st: The back design is ugly as hell
    2nd: the leaked price range is crazy. No thanks! 650$ +taxes for a 5" phone featureless?? you gotta be 450$ I can get a P9
    3rd: even with some financial offers, no way in hell I'gonna get this. At that price I can get a much more feature packed phone: s7 or moto z or a high re-sell price phone: iphone.