Pixel + Pixel XL versus Nexus 5X + 6P: Google's new phones compared, to scale

As reported yesterday, we now have the first official-looking renders of Google's new Pixel phones, thanks to leaker Evan Blass. No surprise: Both the 5-inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL look basically identical. In fact, the change in wallpaper is more noticeable than the difference in size, when viewed individually.

However, with a bit of simple math, it's easy to put these two alongside each other in context, since we know the relative screen sizes. So here you go — here's how Google's two new phones should look relative to each other. (Note that the phones are only to-scale relative to each other. Obviously they'll all appear larger or smaller than real life depending on the size of your screen.)

Pixel and Pixel XL

For greater context, here're 2016's Pixel phones next to the previous year's Nexus 5X and 6P — once again, to scale.

Left-to-right: Pixel (5.0-inch), Nexus 5X (5.2-inch), Pixel XL (5.5-inch), Nexus 6P (5.7-inch). Click to enlarge.

This year's Google phones are each smaller than their immediate predecessors, with the regular Pixel sitting below the 5X and the XL below the 6P. What's most striking here is how the Pixel XL's footprint isn't actually much bigger than the 5X, despite the substantial increase in screen size.

Specs won't be confirmed until launch day, but here's a comparison of what we're expecting, based on the most reliable leaks so far.

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CategoryGoogle PixelNexus 5XGoogle Pixel XLNexus 6P
Operating SystemAndroid 7.1 with Google UIAndroid 7.0Android 7.1 with Google UIAndroid 7.0
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 821Qualcomm Snapdragon 808Qualcomm Snapdragon 821Qualcomm Snapdragon 810
Display5-inch AMOLED 1920x10805.2-inch LCD 1920x10805.5-inch AMOLED 2560x14405.7-inch AMOLED 2560x1440
Camera12MP rear, 8MP front12MP rear, 5MP front12MP rear, 8MP front12MP rear, 8MP front
Battery2,770mAh non-removable2,700mAh non-removable3,450mAh non-removable3,450mAh non-removable
ConnectivityUSB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.2USB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.2USB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.2USB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.2
IP ratingIP53N/AIP53N/A
Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Thanks Alex! I needed this.
  • Me too, thanks AC.
  • Is the small Pixel's display AMOLED for sure?
  • Yes. HTC is bound to be re-using the One A9's display, which is a 5" 1080p AMOLED.
  • I'm pretty sure AMOLED is a requirement for Daydream, so you'd expect all Pixels will be amoled for the foreseeable future.
  • You've also got features like ambient display which work way better with AMOLED
  • while this is true the smaller pixel will not be daydream ready since it's only 1080p... I think that's a bit of a silly move on google's part
  • Daydream minimum spec is FHD - 1080p.
    From AA "On the display front, at least a Full HD OLED display with low persistence is also necessary. "
  • oh well my mistake. i did not see the updated specs since the daydream beta on the nexus 6p. nice
  • Kudos to Google for coming out with a feature Android phone just over 5". Now, if only more smartphone manufacturers would adopt a max resolution of 1080 dpi as anything more is OVERKILL and a battery hog... I also think the Qualcomm 821 is OVERKILL for 95% of users. It has been my experience that the top-of-the-line Qualcomm chips are prone to overheating and excess battery consumption and 95% of users would be more satisfied with a lower powered chip that offers better battery life. The Android vendors need to get over this "spec war"....Studies of shown that the high-end specs most folks want are THE CAMERA and battery life. Not a gazillion pixels and super fast processor...
  • Yep
  • The Gear VR got me very interested in VR so no 1080p is not "OVERKILL" in all cases. higher resolution screens are required to keep pushing tech forward. Its cool that google are catering for both sides though.
  • For folks that want VR and all the latest, by all means there should be a phone for you -- All the latest and greatest... 95% of the folks that buy the latest and greatest have no interest in VR and playing the latest graphic games. They just want to listen to music; watch a little Youtube, Nexus, Amazon Prime, etc; take GREAT PICTURES; do a little social media; text; call; check email; read the news/sports; make reservations; do a little shopping, etc. And the 625 with a 1080 display and a GREAT CAMERA at a lesser price would be the way to go...
  • Why can't THIS be the phone for us....?
  • Indeed.
  • Yeah, they need to put the Snapdragon 625 from the Moto Z Play in the small Pixel, and it's battery would last for an eternity.
  • The hell with that. This needs to be the highest of high end because it's amdroid's iphone and needs to justify the price tag. This thing is gonna be as premium as it gets and the software running the 821 on it is gonna be the fastest emmobile device ever made side by side everything else including the iP7 and smoothest ever to run android. I say that because it's highly probable if you know how high end hardware running iOS and Android compare side by side. Not that it's relevant. They're all fast
  • Indeed, I'm really facing that with my Nexus 6P, and I'm obliged to root my device and switch off some cores and down clock it to get more juice out of my battery!
  • Thatd be cool but I think it'd be a shame to do that since what Google did with its development is nothing short of impeccable. They literally made the the 6P with the 810 the fastest smartphone available in day to day usage and side by side. Seen it too many times to not know it's a fact. It is faster than the iphone 6s at basically everything but launching games and resource heavy apps which iPhone is unbeatable. The 6P is full disk encrypted no less. Ofcourse theyre all close in speed and it doesn't matter but Google really optimized the 810 the way it was meant to be
  • What would you say to the new A10 chip which is 2X faster when compared to QC 821 in both single core and dual core performance? It is Qualcomm which is holding our beloved Android back and you say you want even lower performing chips? How about suggesting Google and other device manufacturers to ditch Qualcomm and build their own custom processor like Apple, maybe then we will see something very spectacular; till then I and many others like me will be merely spectators!
  • It's not 2 times faster in single and dual core. And synthetic benchmarks really are worthless when determing actual performance. That's not really even debatable. And the pixel will be faster than the 7 at launching most applications. If u don't think so take a look on YouTube and see how the 6p has done against the 6s and OP3 against IP7.
  • Synthetic benchmarks as you call it, measures the raw CPU and GPU power. It measures how fast a particular computation runs on a particular CPU and GPU and this number closely represents the real world performance of the device, the higher the number the more performant your device, for e.g. Intel i7's score > Intel i5's score > Intel i3's score > Your ****** device's score. Numerically speaking, A10 is at-least twice as fast as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge; which is the fastest Android device in market right now and ironically its processor was custom made by Samsung. What I am trying to make you understand is that these numbers correlate to something very important, please read the full review of IP7 by AnandTech when it becomes available to understand what I mean.
  • I disagree, we must keep pushing forward and new innovation including better battery life will follow. Just like when the graphic intensive video game Crysis came out, it made graphics card manufactures step it up and made more powerful GPUs.
  • I disagree. I had 1440p phone for a good while now starting with the G3 when it came out. I was troubleshooting someones phone that was 1080p and it looks blurry. My eyes definitely got used to 1440p.
  • I agree on the size & form factor, disagree on SoC. I'm over the moon about the fact that this will be smaller than the N5X, and possibly closer to my N5 if not outright smaller... Without context the bezels and the new dock/nav icons actually made it look larger, there might finally be a decent high end Android phone in a smaller form factor besides Sony's compact line. On the SoC front I want the best and I'm prepared to pay for it, mid range SoC aren't any more efficient unless you compare them to troubled versions... 820 was indeed not as efficient as it should've been and gave Qualcomm a black eye, not to mention uneven throttling too many phones, 821 is fine IMO. Had my N5 not had an 800 (vs something like the OG Moto X's dual core) it's much less likely I would've gotten 3 years use out of it.
  • Meh......google lacks consistency
  • Good. We don't want closed down iOS on 4 yo refurbished hardware. Bring on the Google inconsistencies...
  • Great little article... Looking at that - I think my 6P will be just fine for another year.
  • I was thinking similar. Barring any major improvements announced on launch I am thinking on buying a reduced price 6P.
  • I was thinking that recently too, although a few days ago I ended up with a Huawei P9 and I'm very pleased.
  • I don't think you could go wrong either way. But if you do go with the discount you won't regret ir
  • Great, mine would be up for sale on swappa once the Pixels are available... lol
  • Thinking the same thing, but with my Nexus 6. It just got back from Moto with a new battery (under warranty). It is MUCH better than it ever was. Maybe next year I will get a 6P. :)
    I like the real estate of the 6, and now with the battery being so much better than my original one (it must have been bad from the factory)
  • I agree with you. In fact, I only recently bought a Nexus 6. I still prefer it to the 6P and the new Pixel phones. I love the big display (wider too) and especially the smaller bezels! Best Google phone ever, in my opinion, especially if you prefer big phones. "Be together. Not the same."
  • I was also thinking the same thing after reading the article. The 5.7" screen is great and best of all I can read it as visual acuity is requiring larger letter to read. I do not see that much improvement in specs, and the N6P will be good form more than a year. Thank you Alex for a great article and to Androidcenteral...
  • As soon as I saw the specs and renders I purchased a 6p on eBay for about $335 brand new (after a couple of coupons eBay provided recently) and could not be happier. At that price I don't see any reason to pay almost double for even the small Pixel.
  • With the rumored price I sure hope the camera is great. I will stick with my 6P for another year most likely.
  • The bezels towards the side on the XL are a bit fat. The normal one too, but that's already a more manageable screen size anyway, while on the XL it's a bigger concern.
  • Yeah, these definitely don't look like premium Android phones, but the bezels are almost identical to bezels you seen on iPhones.
  • Hey Alex fifth word know ~ now.  Later.
  • I learned a lesson from 6p leaks and renders are nothing until real deal comes. So I will wait before I make a move.
  • what can else can you do? The product hasn't launched so you can't make a move until the read deal. Genius
  • Ha!
  • As other people have been saying they are going to buy a different phone after seeing this rather than waiting for the official release. Genius
  • Has someone done these renders that include the Nexus 5 (not 5x)? That is what I am looking to upgrade from and I prefer the compact size of the 5.
  • Check this out http://m.imgur.com/a/SnY3Y Compares the Nexus 5, 5X and Pixel and Nexus 6, Pixel XL and 6P
  • Awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
  • Just shows how ridiculous the Nexus 6 was
  • Ridiculous to you maybe. I still like the N6 and would be willing to purchase another one of that size.
  • if this is to scale, has a camera as good as the 5X. I will def be buying the Pixel.
  • Plus one thanks. That is a great reference point. I also hope the base Pixel is as good as I hope it will be. Will have to wait for a sale or later in the model year as I can't justify the rumoured price at launch. Though if they sneak qi charging into it, I may snap and pay full boat on launch.
  • Nice, so it'll likely be a smidge taller than my N5 but it looks like most of the extra height is in the top bezel, so it remains just as usable one handed without awkward reaches for the notification bar... The very narrow top bezel of my N5 sometimes made it kinda odd to position against my ear anyway. This might make me overlook the lack of Qi charging, maybe.
  • Nexus 5 is still the king. It's amazing how much smaller 4.96" feels compared to 5.2".
  • Agreed. Both the Nexus 5 and LG G2 were excellent form factors and sized right.
  • Get the Nexus 5x you will love it if you like the Nexus 5
  • Thanks. What about the reviews about poor battery life?
  • I have the 5X and had a 5 and the battery life is much better on the 5X.
  • That Half black finish on the back (according to the leaks)is a nonsense. Ridiculous in my opinion. Everything else looks really promising. Hope it doesn't have an auto exploding mechanism too :D
  • Even though Google Pixel and Pixel XL are not official, how can you compare them with Nexus phones or any others? Ridiculous!
  • Te Google Pixel XL will be my next phone. The LG Nexus 5X was a decent phone but not quite good enough. I like battery the size of the Pixel XL. If the battery of the Pixel was slightly bigger than reported I might actually go that way.
  • Yeah, it's really disappointing that they went with a too-small battery again. It sucks that Android phones need 3000mAh batteries to get barely a day's use, but that's just how it is, and manufacturers need to understand that. The Honor 8 and GS7 both have 3000mAh batteries, so what is Google's problem? The Pixel better had better be priced at be $399. Sub-par battery life and a presumably disappointing camera do not merit a flagship price tag.
  • i dont understand either. Other phones have slower and older processors, smaller batteries and last longer then current flagships.
  • The GS7 has a larger higher res display, the difference might not be that substantial. Despite all the crying over the N5's battery life, when it launched it was competitive with anything from the previous gen which had a similar screen size. It was only next gen phones (G2 onwards) with larger batteries (while also being much larger devices) that started to overshadow it, look at the old AT reviews.
  • LG G2 and Nexus 5 were the same gen, and the G2 actually came out a little before the N5. Despite the slightly larger screen and roughly 30% larger battery, the G2 and the N5 are very similar in size. They basically took a G2 and made it worse in every way.
  • I'm going to miss the stereo speakers on the Nexus 6P. It wasn't until I saw the next Pixel XL next to the 6P that I even noticed the XL has only a single speaker. Wish that could be noted in the comparison table, as well...
  • I think it had dual speakers, one on thefront that doubles as the earpiece and the other on the bottom like the HTC M10.
  • Nexus 6 still has a 2.7 Ghz processor still faster than the2.4 - 2.3 in these phones
  • Is it though? You'll have to wait and see. My phone has a 810 chip and its horrendous.
  • https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/35/f8/8e/35f88e7779b86b0a...
  • Not the way that works :/
  • By that logic the 8-core 4GHz AMD FX-8350 desktop processor is better than the 6-core 3.2GHz Intel i7-5820K...
  • A hard drive spins at 1TB hard drive that spins at 5400 RPM reads a lot faster than a 500GB drive at 7200 RPM, because there's twice as much data moving over the reading head at every turn. An SSD is faster than both, and it doesn't spin at all. A Tesla is faster than a moving van, but if you're trying to move a 2 couches and a desk, the van will probably be a lot faster.
  • Nope. Not how that works. Faster and more efficient processors can run at slower clocked speeds.
  • Does anyone know how the camera on the pixel compares with the moto g4? Not sure if the pixel is worth the extra money...
  • I hope they come to a UK carrier, I really think that they need real life viewing, N6p was far more impressive when I actually got to pick it up...
    Shame about lack of front facing stereo sound, but maybe they use the top speaker along with bottom firing speakers...
  • I really like the size of the smaller one. Unfortunately, that's the only thing I like about it.
  • Not much else different about it than the XL, other than screen resolution. Or do you mean you like the size but wish it somehow supported a 5.5 inch screen? That would be sweet, but there's physics and stuff in the way.
  • I'm really hoping they have wireless charging capability as well at these prices.
  • Metal backs, so unlikely.
  • Well to be fair only about 2/3 of the back is metal and it doesn't look like that's for a good looking style so hopefully there is some function to it.
  • Probably not a big enough window for wireless charging, function is probably for antennas and such. Wireless charging WOULD be nice though.
  • . 3 is not a substantial increase in my opinion. It looks like a 5.5 should next to a 5.2 they both have big chins and foreheads as well.
  • The size of the smaller one looks great here, but will have to see what you sacrifice to go with the smaller one this time around. Luckily, not long to wait before we know for sure.
  • I love everything about what I have seen with the XL. However the thing I do not want to give up is Samsung Pay. Until more retailers are NFC ready, it is the S7 Edge for me.
  • Same here. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal, but like wireless charging, once you have it, you kind of don't want to go back to not having it.
  • Exactly. Never missed it until I used qi for a while. Now it is a big factor in my buying decision. I am feeling like the S7 is my only option. If it was smaller, I'd just buy the S7 and be done.
  • Not sure about anyone else, but going to a smaller screen size feels like a downgrade at this point. My 6P will do fine for another year, though I'm thinking about the Note7 to get better audio, a better camera and wireless charging.
  • Both phones look good. If I were to grab one, I'd probably go for the smaller of the two. Curious how the back on both devices will look.
  • http://www.androidcentral.com/leaked-pixel-and-pixel-xl-photos-offer-our... and/or possibly/maybe http://www.slashgear.com/key-google-pixel-phone-details-leak-from-china-...
  • I am so ready for these phones, I haven't had a Google phone since the GNex (which I loved) and I can't wait to get back into their hardware ecosystem. Maybe after a couple of years Samsung will have their software better optimized, I love so much about their phones but I am tired of performance degradation over time.
  • Off topic question: How do I get that round Google widget on my Edge+ homescreen? I can't seem to find the widget or setting that will alow it.
  • If you mean the "search bar","Google pill" or whatever people call it now,its just the pixel launcher. Unless Nova has a setting for it.
  • Got it! Yes, it must be a launcher option which I stopped using a while ago. The for the info.
  • Thanks--this is a helpful piece. Phone size really does matter to me, and is the main reason I stayed with a 2014 Moto X this past year instead of moving on to the 2015 version. My next phone will be one of these new Pixels, or the Moto Z (the Z is in the running mainly for the Moto Voice/Actions software).
  • Wow,i never thought I was prefer my 5x. Luckily I don't even use that,im more than happy on my nexus 6. Even when it doesn't get big updates anymore I'll take it over that.
  • Wish you also had the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 for comparison since both of them are actively sold online.
  • http://m.imgur.com/a/SnY3Y
  • It's great to see the whole family together at the Launchidays. I had concerns over the size to screen ratio, but this helps clear things up. While I still wish the slightly (SLIGHTLY) larger top and bottom bezels had speakers to justify them I like the size and shape of these two option. I am very excited to see what they've put together.
  • But having dual facing speakers does not mean a bigger bezel is really necessary. Check out the N6.
  • hope the rumors abt price are wrong, otherwise gonna have to stretch my 5x for a while longer.
  • My 6P is fine. I usually buy a new Nexus annually, probably not this year. I hardly use my 6P. Good info though.
  • Just to be clear here...the 6p would get the same update as the Pixels right?
  • My mind was still not made up. After hearing there was an IP53 rating for water and dust resistance, I thought my mind was pretty close to made up, but now seeing that comparison sheet, my mind is definitely made up. The only difference between the XL and 6P is the 810 vs. 821. Really a shame Google isn't doing more to make nexus fans really want to move to this new pixel line. Also with the rumored prices ($649 for the smaller pixel) that is WAY too much money for me to spend just to have an incremental upgrade in my processor!!!! Hopefully they have some surprise in store that will change my mind.
  • I'm gonna tell you there is more of a difference.. (build quality). The 6p was actually not made that well, I expect the pixel phones to be much stronger... I'm on my 3rd 6p. The aluminum is garbage on it. If u have a thin case don't drop it!... I have been craving superb build from Google for about 4 years and they duped me on the 6p. So I'm hoping the pixels are the real deal. But they will have differences that will make it a worthy upgrade I believe. Can't wait til jerryrig gets his hands on it ;-)
  • Google isn't worried about Nexus fans with their Pixel efforts. They are concerned with impressing the general consumer who is considering an Apple, Samsung or Google device. The Nexus folks will have support for the 6P at least for another year. I'm sure all the 6Ps won't shut down after support is discontinued, so owners can still rock on. By the time the 6P is outdated, the 2nd and maybe 3rd generation of Pixel phones will be out. Then would be a good time for Nexus owners to upgrade.
  • If they're still rocking the name "Pixel", I'll go Apple!
  • Still wish the XL was 5.7 but hey, what r you gonna do?....
  • Specifications are very good but not changed the design
  • Yeah, staying on the 5X for now. Only changing if the new HTC one impresses me
  • And the smaller Pixel is rumored to be $649.
  • Dang....guess I won't be buying them. I'm due for an upgrade, but tired of plans.
  • I would love Google to come up with 5k mAh battery + water & dust proof in 6P design 64 GB smartphone and call it "The Pixel - Juggernaut" edition..
    This would be awesome :D
  • Do we know if it will have expandable storage?
  • Google doesn't do SD cards, they want you to use their cloud services.
  • Still no SD card? That kinda sucks, but they are trying to sell cloud storage i guess.
  • I think it all depends on the camera quality for me. My 6P's is already very nice, but if this treads water or isn't up to the 6P's camera (HTC in my mind has yet to make a great camera), then I might buy another 6P or look to Samsung, as I'm really interested in Samsung Pay as NFC hasn't really spread as much as was predicted. How much do pre-owned S7's and Edges go for these days?
  • No lower front facing speaker? :-/
  • Looks to me Google has gone bass-ackwards with this one. Smaller screen, smaller battery. The RAM jump is cool, but that'll be exploited by devs who seem to make their apps more bloated the more memory they have to work with. No front-facing stereo speakers...boo! Plus the name - "Pixel" just gives me visions of Peter Pan and pixy dust! I have a beard, don't wear skinny jeans and won't buy a phone called a Pixel! Passing on this iteration of foolishness.
  • I am sure they are ok phones but just do not seem worth the jump from 6P, the cameras would have to be world beaters which I doubt, if these are the phones they come out with I will most likely take a look at the V20 or maybe go a little out of the box and try out Xiaomi Mi5s Plus & Huawei P9
  • How does the moto g4 camera compare to the pixel camera specs? I know the MPs are similar, but I don't know anything about other specs :/
  • For me, and most I think, it comes down to price. Nexus had a place in the market. I am afraid Pixel is going to try to be a high-end brand vs Nexus brand. I think the XL will be a near $700 phone. It will be a bummer.
  • Most skippable Android version launch devices ever.
  • Renders are what you base that on then? Wow smdh
  • I love my behemoth Nexus 6. I'm spoiled. Don't know how I'll feel if i have to down size to 5.5" Tough decision.
  • in the same boat but I think I'll be fine.. it'll at least be easier to use one handed if nothing else. :P
  • If Pixel cost $700+ I'll settle with the 6P
  • Has anyone heard whether the Pixel or Pixel xl will have optical image stabilization? If not why not?
  • really wish there was gonna be a 64GB version of the XL.. can't go back to 32GB and 128GB is gonna cost me..
  • I still think the XL should have been 6".
  • I vastly prefer 6" to 5.5". Vastly! But 5.5 is much more mainstream acceptable and this phone is apparently going for a more mainstream audience. So, the 5.5" thing makes sense. What I wish they would've done instead is go for three sizes - a 5", a 5.5", and a gloriously massive 6". However, unless I am operating under a major misconception - which I may very well be - I don't think I'd be too interested in this phone no matter what size it is. Let me explain: If pixel launcher is the default, "baked-in", aka "vanilla" launcher in all non-manufacturer-monkeyed-with instances of 7.1, and the distinction here between pixel launcher and Google Now launcher is not pixel phone vs non-pixel phone, but 7.1 vs 7.0 (or earlier), then I have no objection at all, and would definitely consider the Pixel phone XL. But that's not my understanding at all. My understanding is that Pixel launcher is an entirely separate software layer (along the lines of Samsung's Touchwiz) that only appears on Pixel phones and then is therefore no longer really "vanilla Android", but as alluded to above basically becomes "Google's own Touchwiz"..... .....and if that's the case?....then, I say no thank you. If I'm gonna have some one pee in the vanilla ice cream either way, then I might as well at least get the dazzling, ultra-premier Sammy hardware as a consolation prize while I'm at it, you know?
  • I try to always make sure that I'm saying at least as much positive stuff as negative stuff in the comments. People who are constantly negative and Doom saying and party poopers, and trolls drive me NUTS! So it's in that spirit that I hope I've built up enough "positivity credits" to be able to indulge myself in a wee spot of pure, unadulterated negativity without risking hypocrisy. I feel like I'm the only one who's unhappy about these new phones, but I simply do not like them at all! First of all, based on the pictures we've seen, I feel like they don't look very good (this part, at least, I could change my mind on when I meet them in person). Second, not a deal killer to me, but a definite bummer is that both the new phones are meaningfully smaller than their predecessors. The smaller one's size doesn't matter to me, I guess, because I'd never buy it anyway with the big one around. And since 5.5" is my self-imposed bare minimum size for a daily driver, the XL, like my iPhone6+ DOES qualify. But man is 5.5" a bummer to me. I'm ultimately a fan of 6", with 5.7" being a generally satisfactory compromise. I lamented the satisfactorily massive 6p shrinking over the gloriously massive 6, and now I mourn again. Why couldn't there be 3 sizes, a 5.0, a 5.5, and a 6.0? I suppose that's all moot, though, as this last complaint quite likely IS going to be a deal-breaker for me: While I don't know whether I like the look or the functionality of the pixel launcher better than, worse than, or simply other than the vanilla launcher, I DESPISE that pixel phones have a proprietary launcher that is not inherent to Nougat. In my mind it completely undermines what a google phone is - "pure Android". This may be a first party launcher, and it may still be first in line for updates, which was the other draw on Nexus for me, but it is NOT vanilla! It is not the default lancher baked into the OS that would work the same on any Android phone that did not have an overriding UI (I'm looking at you, Touchwiz!) No, this is a software layer specifically for this phone that causes it to deviate from and no longer reflect "pure" Android. Now, if this launcher is what will come baked into all non monkeyed-with instances of Android 7.1, and the distinction is not pixel phone vs non-pixel phone, but rather, 7.1 phone vs 7.0 or earlier phone, then strike my complaint from the records as false, and let me add Pixel back to my list..... ....o