There's a possible fix for the Pixel 6 network issues, and it's pretty simple

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Google Pixel 6 Pro Lockscreen Material You Music (Image credit: Alex Dobie / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Pixel 6 has been facing worsening network issues since the December update.
  • A potential fix has been discovered, which required users joining the Carrier Services beta.
  • Many users have noticed improved network connection on their Pixel 6s.

A Reddit post may have uncovered a way to fix the network connection problems that Pixel 6 owners have been facing since the December update began rolling out.

The post was spotted by Android Police and details a reasonably easy way to get back up and running if you're experiencing problems getting a good signal with one of 2021's best Android phones.

Essentially, the user joined the Carrier Services beta through the Play Store. Once you select "Join," the app will inform you that it's enrolling, as it does with other beta programs.

The Reddit user also notes that they took additional steps to ensure the method would work. They forced stopped the app in app settings and cleared the app data. You can do this by navigating to Settings > Apps > Carrier Services. You should see the option to force stop the app while clearing the app data requires navigating to the app's Storage & cache setting.

Source: Android Police

You may need to reboot your phone before you notice any changes, but many users on the threat have noted that the fix has worked for them. One even posted the Carrier Services beta APK link for those that would prefer a direct download (install at your own risk).

It's not a surefire way to fix the connection issues, as some have indicated that it did not appear to work for them. However, in lieu of an official fix from Google, this may be the only option for those having trouble making calls after installing the December update.

That said, Google has acknowledged the connection issues and is actively investigating, so it may not be long before an official fix is pushed out.

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