The Pixel 4 is currently $300 off — are you going to buy it?

Google Pixel 4 XL in hand
Google Pixel 4 XL in hand (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

If you follow Google's Pixel phones and are a fan of them, you probably know that buying one at launch is never a good idea. Google's shown that it can be extremely quick to offer steep discounts on its phones shortly after release, and we're seeing that yet again.

About six months after launching back in October, Google is now offering a $300 instant discount on the Pixel 4 lineup — bringing the baseline Pixel 4 down to just $499 and making the Pixel 4 XL $599.

Those are serious savings, and looking through the AC forums, it has some of our members talking about whether or not now is the time to finally pick up the phone.

Honestly, when buying tech, the waiting game can only benefit you. If you look at your phone, and you can say that you're perfectly fine with it, then stick with it until you see a device or features that feel like they have your name written all over it. The longer you wait, the cheaper the price will go (to a certain extent). Plus you've got a few more months till security updates stop for your...


I tried the the P4 XL and could find no advantage to it over my P2 XL...I couldn't see any speed difference or camera quality difference. Ended up passing it on to a family member...They like it...but the phone they had was crap. I'll upgrade when monthly security updates stop...


I think it's a definite noticable difference imo as well's so fluid at 90hz can always get better prices the more you wait but you will always be waiting lol ...I say go for it ..


What say you? Are you going to get the Pixel 4 with the new $300 off discount?

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