Pictures of Android Powered Dell Ophone mini 3i Pop Up

We've already reported on Dell's upcoming Android smartphone launch in China and expressed our disappointment in it not being available to the US market on launch. At that point, we didn't know what the dellphone was going to look like nor did we know any specifics on it. That's changed now, Dell's Android Ophone mini 3i has finally got a face, and its face looks pretty good.

The purported specs are as follows:

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE class 12
  • 103g grams weight
  • 58 x 122 x 11.7mm
  • 3.5″ nHD 640×360 LCD, 18-bit, 262K colors
  • Microsoft Exchange support
  • Google, AIM, Yahoo and MSN IM support
  • 3 megapixel auto-focus, flash, 8x digital zoom camera with 30fps video shooting mode, built in photo editor
  • USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, A-GPS
  • On-screen QWERTY keyboard, hardwriting recognition, multi touch UI
  • MicroSD slot

The Dell mini 3i is supposedly 'launch ready' which corroborates with our previous report. If you live in China, you should expect this device sooner rather than later. Yeah, so why couldn't this have launched in America with US 3G?

Anyone interested in Dell's Android phone?


  • Apparently smartphones of today don't have processors because every spec sheet I've seen recently has everything including the kitchen sink but missing processor specs. Aside from the abysmal user memory the G1 has, my biggest beef is the processor. What's this one running?
  • I think the Dell OPhone looks really cool. Rather would be cooler if Dell allows its consumers to customize the phone on their website. I will definitely sell my LG Prada 2 and iPhone on Ebay. Then purchase a Dell OPhone. If the Dell OPhone is launched in the US, who would be the US carrier At&T? I would suggest At&t as Steve Jobs and Michael Dell have had some beef over iPod vs. Dell DJ and Ditty MP3 players. This would be cooler than watching a football game, two CEO's go head to head! I want to see the fire to feud burn. I think Dell is launching the OPhone in China to test the waters by cleaning the bugs then eventually launch to the US markets. As Americans we are ARROGANT people(NO OFFENSE) we want to have the best cell phone by keeping up with the Jones. Rather we don't want to deal with the bugs as we don't want 2 WAIT for patches to released!!! Lets just sit back and sip our coffee and watch how well the Dell Ophone will do in China.
  • Hi names drew I have a g1 and its starting to feel its age fast danm thing has downsyndrom half the time but I'm wanting a new phone but I don't want an I phone....everyone has one id love to get something like this bfr anyone esle but the myphone looks good too someone help me is there a phone like the iphone that I should get should I wait for the dellphone wtf should I do please hit me up at thanks guys