Pictures of Android Powered Samsung InstinctQ for Sprint Leak

Meet the Samsung InstinctQ. Judging from the leaked picture above, the InstinctQ is going to be an Android powered Sprint device that includes a hardware QWERTY keyboard (joy!) and from the looks of it, solid styling. If you remember correctly, we had previously reported on an Android-powered Samsung Q device releasing on October 11th (along with the HTC Hero). Doesn't it all makes sense now? They're the same device!

The Samsung InstinctQ should make for a great alternative to the HTC Hero. Sprint users will soon have a choice between a strictly touchscreen device (Hero) and a touchscreen/hardware keyboard device (InstinctQ). Either way, both devices have the look of a winner. We can't wait to pore over the specs of the InstinctQ and we're sure you Sprint users can't wait to jump on the Android bandwagon.

What do you guys think? Is October 11th going to be a glorious day? Another Android device with a physical keyboard in tow is a good thing in our book.

[via gizmodo]

Casey Chan
  • Tiny keys on that keyboard. Likely failure.
  • Tiny keys? Have you seen the friggin Palm Pre? I just went into my local Sprint store yesterday to check it out. My thumb tip covered 6 to 8 keys at once, making it completely impossible to use! I couldn't even type my own name without hitting backspace a dozen times. The keys on this new Samsung look at least twice as big. This or the Hero will likely be my next new phone. Go Goog!
  • I have seen this Samsung mobile at my
  • If I didn't already have the Palm Pre (love it) I would have probably got that phone PROBABLY because the keyboard is to wide for me I like landscape oriented keyboards and the look isn't to appealing to me but hey it's an android phone on sprint.
  • I cannot wait for Oct. 11th......I've been wanting a phone simular to the Samsung phone that AT&T has which is touchscreen/qwerty keyboard.....I already love it and haven't even touched it yet! I'm getting it!