Phyn brings smart water monitoring to larger pipes with Phyn XL

Phyn XL
Phyn XL (Image credit: Phyn)

What you need to know

  • Phyn XL comes in two sizes for larger pipe compatibility: 1.5-inch and 2-inch.
  • Phyn can monitor water usage and check for leaks and even help conserve water.
  • Phyn XL is debuting Summer 2020 and can optionally come with a shutoff valve for remote water control.

Have you ever experienced a pipe leak, either in your walls or in the ground? At the very least, it's a frustrating process that takes lots of time and, often, creates lots of havoc in your home. At the worst, it could cause a lot of damage and cost a ton of money to repair a leak, especially one inside your home. Phyn's smart water monitoring solutions have helped many people avoid these types of disasters, and the new Phyn XL line is extending smart water monitoring to larger homes and small businesses.

Coming in two sizes, the Phyn XL 1.5" and Phyn XL 2" are designed to handle pipe sizes up to what's right in the name of the product. Phyn now offers solutions for all pipe sizes up to 2-inches in diameter, which often includes larger homes and smaller commercial properties. The Phyn XL hooks up to your water system in line with existing pipes and monitors water pressure changes 240 times per second. Phyn then uses machine learning to analyze these changes and report them back using the accompanying Phyn app on your smartphone.

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Businesses can utilize the Phyn Dashboard for Business, which is a web portal that aggregates all Phyn units tied to your account for easy management. Phyn has geared this particular product to property and asset managers, as well as builders and insurance companies, to help better monitor water problems before they happen. Powerful monitoring and data aggregation means that these folks can help prevent expensive damage to properties before the damage gets too burdensome, thanks to Phyn's abilities to keep track of water consumption and trends.

Phyn is also selling an optional remote shutoff valve, which can help mitigate water-related disasters before they even happen by shutting off water at the source. It can also be used to help stop small leaks that cause an excess of water to be used, helping to prevent costly water bills when pipes are leaking underground or in other places where they are less noticeable. Both Phyn XL 1.5" and Phyn XL 2" are slated for availability in summer 2020 with a price to be announced.

Previous Phyn products are primarily designed for residential use and could be installed in two locations: the Phyn Plus is professionally installed on the main water line going into your house, while Phyn Smart Water Assistant is a do-it-yourself product that easily attaches to lines under your kitchen or bathroom sinks. Phyn Smart Water Assistant retails for $300 by itself, or for $700 with the water shutoff valve.

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