Photon 4G owners wanted -- Motorola is looking for software testers

Motorola has made an official request for "Pre-release software testers" of an unknown update for the Motorola Photon 4G.  This is standard practice for Motorola, who likes to slowly roll out their final builds to a select few in what they call a "soak test".  This gives Motorola (and the carriers) a bigger set of eyeballs looking for any potential bugs that limited internal testing just didn't find.  

In the past we've seen soak tests for updates both big and small, so there's no knowing exactly what this one is going to be.  We can't see the future, but I don't think this one will be Ice Cream Sandwich.  But any update is good news as long as it makes things better.  Motorola needs a thousand testers, and I think you guys are up to the challenge -- hit the source link and sign up!

Source: Motorola (opens in new tab).  Thanks, Deaofly!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Wonder what it could be. The Photon is by far the best phone I have ever owned and that's out of box.
  • I would have to agree. This phone is unbelievable, it does everything right out of box. It's nice to see that Motorola hasn't forgotten about this phone.
  • well , I've NOT used a Photon , but I do agree with you guys . As you know the Photon is based on the ATRIX which also does everything right out of the box The ATRIX/PHOTON are excellent phones EDIT : Sorry I forgot to write NOT , Allot of stuff on my mind today
  • I've read somewhere (can't remember which forum) that one of the changes will be 1080p recording.
  • They will be maybe including compatibility with new LAPTOP DOCK or something like that! Will they ever update this to ICS in the future? MOTOROLA should release less phones this year and try to update all the 2011 lineup!
  • I have the Electrify which is the US Cellular version of the Photon. We got the update that gives you 1080p recording about 2 months ago so I don't think that would be it
  • I don't get how this confirms there is a release for the Photon coming out...this post has existed since September, and has been 'updated' 3 or 4 times over the last couple of weeks. Mark (the forum manager) even posted that he didn't understand why it keeps getting 'updated'...the post hasn't changed since September, even though the updated timestamp has.
  • I agree completely with above. This has been there since September. Android Central, please double check this or post the source where there is new update soak test. I did the soak test last time in Sept. and nothing has changed on the forums since then (except their website format).
  • @dorelse Thanks for that info. Where did you see that Mark posted this? BTW, I like my Photon a lot! (coming from the Hero and Optimus S). But considering the price drops at Best Buy, and no promise of ICS, I'm worried that support will be dying soon.
  • How does one get included as a tester?
  • @typicazo By filling out the survey of course... Why did my other post get deleted?