The Pixel 6a's Cyber Monday price is so low it doesn't make sense

Google Pixel 6a
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The deal of the day is finally upon us, and it's a sight to behold. For just $300, you can pick up a Google Pixel 6a and forget about ever buying another flagship phone for full price again.

The Pixel 6a is Google's latest mid-range phone that packs in a surprising number of flagship-level specs. A beautiful OLED panel up front is just the right size — not too big or too small — a Google Tensor processor inside, and a camera system that'll absolutely blow you away, all for $150 less than the phone usually sells for.

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Google Pixel 6a: $449 $299 at Amazon | Best Buy

Google Pixel 6a: $449 $299 at Amazon | Best Buy
Cyber Monday deals can be good, but they're not often this good. The Google Pixel 6a is a steal at $449, but at $299? It's practically criminal! Get the phone that gets you and start taking photos you didn't think were possible with a smartphone.

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Hyperbole aside, I already thought the Google Pixel 6a was a contender for phone of the year at its normal $449 price point. After all, you're getting the same processor that's in the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Android's best haptic feedback engine, award-winning Google Pixel cameras, and a software update schedule that'll keep the phone feeling fresh for years to come.

Not to mention all the great Pixel-exclusive features that you won't want to live without once you get used to them. Call screening helps get rid of all of those annoying spam calls everyone seems to get these days and, even if it doesn't catch all of them, you can have Google Assistant answer the call for you. Talk about being an actual assistant, huh?

If you're someone who likes to text with their voice, Google Tensor's built-in machine learning understands human language and will instantly transcribe your voice into text without delay. It can also translate lots of different languages on the fly and display real-time captions from several different languages, as well.

And that camera! The Pixel is lauded for its camera experience for a reason. AI-powered tricks like Face Unblur will ensure that pictures of your kids or pets will always have a crisp face even when they won't hold still. Magic Eraser helps get rid of those photo bombers with a single tap, and every day shots will just look cleaner and clearer than you've ever seen from other phones.

Got $300 for a new phone? There's simply no competition at this price point. You need a Pixel 6a.

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