This Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 ad takes yet another jab at iPhones

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 in Flex Mode
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung has released a new Galaxy Z Flip 4 ad that mocks iPhones.
  • The ad highlights various features of the clamshell foldable phone, including its Flex Mode and the palm gesture for selfie shots.
  • Samsung obviously wants to convince iPhone owners to switch to the Flip.

Samsung has regularly made a point of mocking Apple each time a new iPhone is released, and the iPhone 14 debut is no exception this year. The tech giant has published a new ad that tries to persuade iPhone users to make the switch to the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

As usual, the ad pokes fun at iPhones again by depicting how almost everything around us — from castanets and books to toilet seats — flips like Samsung's latest clamshell foldable phone. The ad was released a few days after Samsung mocked Apple in a previous ad for its supposed lack of phone innovation.

It begins with a Galaxy Z Flip 4 user showing off her phone to the main character, Elena, who is presumably an iPhone user. The ad highlights some standout features, such as Flex mode and the phone's capability to take selfie photos with a palm gesture.

Despite these capabilities, Elena remained loyal to her phone, saying: "I would never switch to Samsung. I love my phone." The character clearly represents many ‌iPhone‌ users who are adamant about switching to many of the best Android phones.

Elena couldn't get the image of the foldable device out of her head after her first encounter with it, as she's constantly reminded of it by everyday objects like a folding chair in a restaurant and a hardcover book in her hand.

Near the end of the video, Elena wakes up from a dream and attempts to break her phone in half à la JerryRigEverything. While the handset survived the torture, the iPhone user ended up placing an order for the Flip 4.

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