Samsung's cheap Galaxy line took three spots in 2023's top 10 most shipped list

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G's display outdoors
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What you need to know

  • Canalys reported its data on the most shipped phones worldwide in 2023, which showed Apple taking the lead once again with the iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • Samsung didn't appear until sixth place, occupied by its cheap $199 Galaxy A14 5G.
  • Last year, Samsung was king during Q1 2023, shipping the most phones in that timeframe due to its Galaxy S23 series before slipping back.

Data details what the most shipped phones worldwide were in 2023, and the result shows a familiar trend.

According to a report by Canalys on X, the top 10 most shipped phones worldwide in 2023 consisted of 3 Samsung devices and 7 from Apple. The Korean OEM doesn't make the list until the sixth position, where the Galaxy A14 4G appears with 21 million units. Eighth and ninth were awarded to the Galaxy A54 5G and the A14 5G, with 20 million and 19 million units shipped, respectively.

Apple put on another dominant showing last year, with its devices taking up spots one through five. The most shipped phone worldwide in 2023 was the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with 34 million units, followed by the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, with 33 million.

Canalys adds that 2023's results mark the first year "where an iPhone Pro model topped the annual ranking of most shipped smartphone models." It then eluded that this could signal a positive shift in the market's stance on premium models.

Interestingly, the three of Samsung's devices that wiggled onto the board were all mid-range phones. The Galaxy A14 5G kicked off 2023 just before the Galaxy S23 series in January for $199. Soon after, in May, the Galaxy A54 5G made its debut with a seemingly boring appearance but packed strong software and performance for a cheap price.

Despite Canalys reporting a potential shift in the market toward premium models, Samsung's don't seem to hold up well throughout the entire year. While the numbers weren't specific, Samsung beat Apple in April 2023 as the company that shipped the most phones in Q1. According to the report, the Korean OEM made up 22% of shipments during that initial quarter, with Apple falling back to 21%.

This good news for Samsung was muddled by the fact that the smartphone market was reportedly declining in 2023.

It appears as though things are turning around for smartphones in 2024, as Samsung's Q1 earnings report showed signs of improvement. The company reported consumer demand for smartphones "increased slightly," as evidenced by its MC Division's adequate performance following the Galaxy S24 series launch. Samsung attributed its positive sales to its "premium segment" and Galaxy AI additions.

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