The Pixel 8 has already received the teardown treatment

Hands-on with the Google Pixel 8
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What you need to know

  • A Pixel 8 teardown video gives consumers a good look at the difficulties they face during at-home repair such as with its battery.
  • Google has also continued to soder in the device's USB-C charging port while its rear panel is glued to the frame and removal could cause damage.
  • The company has detailed it will support the Pixel 8 with seven years of hardware replacement parts.

The Pixel 8 has only just been revealed, and we're already gaining an in-depth look into its potential repairability.

The teardown video was uploaded by PBKReviews, showcasing the trials consumers will face this time around with the base Pixel 8 model. The video begins by prying off the device's front display, which introduces potential at-home repairers to an initial graphite film that helps the device's heat dissipation. After removing that and the many screws, the 4,575mAh battery is next, proving extremely difficult to remove.

Google has included pull tabs for the Pixel 8's battery, but PBK's attempts to utilize them came up short, and another method was required.

After the battery, we're given a good look at the Pixel 8's cameras, which include a 50MP primary lens and a 12MP ultrawide camera. The device's primary lens offers OIS (optical image stabilization), which is evident by the slight movement seen when gently glossing over it.

Difficulties pick up again after the main board is removed. The teardown shows Google's decision to soder in the USB-C charging port makes it extra tricky to replace if something happens to it. Lastly, the rear panel on the Pixel 8 is glued directly to the frame.

PBK explains the adhesive is "very strong," and any attempts to remove it could prove impossible, and if done, it could damage the phone.

Despite the problems, PBK did give the Pixel 8 a better-than-average repairability score. They also detail its 5G connectivity support as it does not include the proper antennae.

The trials consumers may face when repairing their Pixel 8 at home remind us of the Pixel Fold, as it features quite a few small, intricate parts. However, there is a difference in how consumers can go about repairing the latest flagship phone when comparing it to the Pixel 7a's video. In that teardown, it was made known that the device could be dismantled from the front of the back without much of a problem, as each panel could come off relatively easily with some elbow grease.

Unfortunately, Google's manufacturing decisions have removed one of those options, leaving consumers with the option of going through the front door lest they feel like risking critical damage to their new phone.

On the bright side, Google has recently explained that it will support the Pixel 8 with seven years worth of hardware replacement parts, matching its newfound software lifespan.

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