The Pixel 6a appears at Best Buy a month before launch

Google Pixel 6a cases
(Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • A Best Buy store page appeared for the Google Pixel 6a on June 24.
  • The Pixel 5a was only available through the Google Store.
  • Pixel 6a preorders begin July 21 and the phone ships July 28.

Best Buy has created a listing for the Pixel 6a, the upcoming budget Google phone set to launch next month. You cannot preorder it through the store page just yet, where it says "Coming Soon." But it's a sign that Google will take a more aggressive sales approach than it did with the Pixel 5a.

Last year, the respectable-but-boring Pixel 5a could only be found on the Google Store and only sold in two countries. This year, we knew Google would sell the Pixel 6a in thirteen countries, but hadn't yet received confirmation if the company would stick to direct sales again. Thanks to this Best Buy listing, we know otherwise.

The store page shows the option to buy the phone Unlocked or through T-Mobile or Verizon. As expected, the Verizon model will cost $50 extra due to the addition of mmWave. We assume AT&T will also become a carrier option before July 21, when the Pixel 6a officially goes on sale.

Available in Charcoal, Chalk, and Sage, the Pixel 6a will cost you $449 or $37.42/month through Best Buy's 12-month financing plan. The store page also notes the Pixel 6a is "trade-in eligible" but doesn't reveal what kind of trade-in offers we have in store. Costing just $449, the Pixel 6a will likely be available for free if you have a valuable-enough phone to swap.

We're optimistic that the Pixel 6a will be one of the best cheap Android phones available. It will sport the same Google Tensor chip as the Pixel 6, paired with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Along with a 6.1-inch OLED display, it'll use a dual-rear camera setup with the same AI camera tools like Real Tone and Magic Eraser that blew us away last year.

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