Pixel 6 bug automatically rejects some calls without you knowing

Google Pixel 6 Pro + Pixel 6
Google Pixel 6 series (Image credit: Alex Dobie / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Pixel 6 series appears to be suffering from another bug that affects phone calls.
  • Some users have complained about phone calls being automatically rejected.
  • Google has yet to acknowledge the issue, and a fix is still out of sight.

The Google Pixel 6 series never seems to run out of bugs, and the latest one appears to be a major source of concern, especially if you rely heavily on phone calls all the time. The device apparently declines calls at random without your knowledge.

According to a growing number of users who have taken to Reddit to voice their complaints, their Pixel 6 and 6 Pro automatically reject some phone calls from their saved contacts without even ringing their devices (via Phone Arena).

It's a particularly annoying issue because you could be missing important calls from a doctor, for example, as one Redditor experienced. Phone calls, according to that user, go directly to voicemail without ringing the device.

What makes matters worse is the lack of a missed call notification. To the surprise of affected users, their call log displays a history of attempted calls that were marked as declined, despite the fact that no phone call went through on their screen.

It should be noted that the problem persists even after turning off every possible setting that could affect phone calls, including Do Not Disturb and Wi-Fi calling.

Android Central has reached out to Google for a statement on the ongoing problem and will update this article once we receive a response.

It appears that this issue has been afflicting owners of Google's best Android phones since as early as December of last year, as evidenced by this earlier Reddit thread.

The search giant has yet to acknowledge the bug, and no workaround seems to be available at present.

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