Kendrick Lamar's pgLang drops a limited-edition phone for minimalists

The new pgLang Light Phone in collaboration with tech company, Light.
(Image credit: pgLang / YouTube)

What you need to know

  • pgLang, a company co-owned by Kendrick Lamar, has debuted a new Light Phone, as part of a collaboration with the rapper and tech company, Light.
  • The brief video only shows the device's small form factor and a new light blue hue.
  • The Light Phone 2 arrived in 2018 and trims all the fat from Android, leaving just the basics such as phone calls, texts, contacts, and alarms.

A new, minimalistic phone is preparing to take flight from an unlikely source later this week.

According to Pitchfork, music and visual media company pgLang, created by Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free, has announced a limited edition Light Phone. The accompanying video is short and only shows the phone in brief, which was created in partnership with the tech company Light.

The media company states the pgLang phone will be available on its main website on November 2, with only 250 devices available for purchase.

The company that pgLang has partnered with is responsible for the creation of the Light Phone 2, which launched way back in 2018. The device itself is sort of an "ultra-minimalistic" haven for users looking to do away with the hectic digital lifestyle most are accustomed to nowadays.

The phone is powered by its LightOS skin atop Android — a software that truly aims to simplify things by only offering the basics such as phone calls, texts, contacts, and alarms.

Considering the pgLang Light Phone looks awfully similar to the Light Phone 2, it's not wild to believe that the devices will mirror each other. Additionally, don't think you'll find games, social media apps, emails, or news, either. Eye-catching colors and a web browser are also aspects of today's traditional slab phones that you won't find on a Light Phone.

Another sharp departure is the company's usage of an e-ink display, which doesn't quite pop like many of the OLED or AMOLED displays Android phones utilize and is more akin to that of an eReader.

The only difference we can learn from the short announcement video is the pgLang version should arrive in a new light blue hue. Aside from that, perhaps we can expect a little extra to depict the creative media company's unique flair.

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