Oppo wipes its German website clean as rumors of European exit grow

OPPO Find N2
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What you need to know

  • Oppo's German website has removed all information pertaining to its products.
  • The company's operations in the country are currently on hold as a result of a patent lawsuit filed by Nokia.
  • Oppo was also previously rumored to have stopped selling new devices in France.

Oppo's business situation in Germany may be taking another turn, but not for the better, as the company's German website has removed all information about its products.

The site's homepage currently only highlights Oppo's partnership with the UEFA Champions League (via Android Police). A footnote on the same page states that some of the company's Android phones, including the Reno 8 series and the Find N2 Flip, are not available in Germany.

This new development does not come as a huge surprise, seeing as Oppo's business in Germany is currently on hold due to an injunction from a German court. Oppo is still negotiating with Nokia, which has filed a patent dispute alleging that the Chinese phone maker used its patented technology to process 4G and 5G signals without paying for a license.

Oppo's move to wipe its German site clean may add to speculation that the company will eventually exit the German market despite its previous denial. Oppo expressed optimism that it would be able to reach an agreement with Nokia and resume operations in the country, but recent events suggest otherwise.

Although the company's website now only displays its partnership with a football competition, Oppo assures consumers that they'll be able to continue using their Oppo devices without restrictions and receive future updates.

Overseas, the company's operations in France appear to be in disarray. According to a report published last week, Oppo has ceased all operations and sales of newer products in the country. Oppo has also laid off its marketing and sales teams, which were presumably crucial to the company's marketing strategy in the country.

Oppo's exit from Germany would be a significant blow to the country's smartphone market. Oppo is a major player in the global smartphone market, and its presence in Germany would contribute to increased competition and innovation. Furthermore, Oppo's departure would reduce competition in the region's smartphone market.

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