Nothing phone (1) appearance on the US store hints at a potential release?

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What you need to know

  • The U.K. Nothing store has been seen redirecting customers to the U.S. version when looking to buy a phone(1).
  • Customers looking to purchase the Nothing phone (1) in the U.S. could potentially use it on carriers like T-Mobile but would have spotty coverage, at best.
  • Nothing would like to bring their phone (1) to the U.S. region but there will be trials ahead in doing so.

Could there be a potential for a Nothing phone (1) release in the U.S.? Apparently, the U.K. Nothing store is redirecting customers to the U.S. version. This information was provided to us by an Android Central reader. 

"I went to the link for the EU Nothing site and it redirected me to the US store...Maybe it'll show up at some point?..." the reader wrote in an email. 

A development like this, if Nothing is seriously considering a functioning release for the U.S., would please a lot of would-be buyers. There was a lot of hype surrounding the Nothing phone when consumers got a first look at it. There has also been talk about why the Nothing phone (1) isn't coming to the U.S.

The company's phone is not certified to work on U.S. networks which would push Nothing in the direction of needing to work with them to cut a deal. If a person purchased a Nothing phone (1), and attempted to use it in the U.S., their cell service would range from spotty to non-existent. In our testing so far, the phone works fine enough on T-Mobile — including some decent 5G speeds — but there are times when it can't get a proper signal.

Nothing has expressed its interest in bringing the phone (1) to American consumers and has encouraged potential buyers to do the same to their carriers.

What could be a head-scratcher is why does the Nothing phone (1) even appear on the U.S. version of the store? Most regions, where an item is unavailable, will not display the device or product. We're not seeing this as the Nothing phone (1) is on the U.S. website. We can understand there being a Nothing store for U.S. customers seeing as they are able to purchase the ear (1).

Right now, it seems a little odd that the Nothing phone (1) is appearing in the store as U.S. buyers would be at a severe disadvantage grabbing it. One way of looking at this is that it was just easier to port the entire site over for the American region. Another way of seeing things is that Nothing is trying to stoke the flames of potential American buyers' hype.

Android Central has reached out to Nothing for more information on why the phone (1) is appearing on the U.S. website but did not receive word back in time for publication.

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