A new Pixel foldable may have surfaced in the Pixel Buds app

Mockup of the Pixel Flip
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What you need to know

  • A deep dive into an app's latest update has seemingly unearthed a Pixel device codenamed "Comet," and it could be a foldable.
  • Digging deeper shows the app has deemed "Comet" as a "fold," but with no further information.
  • This device could be the Pixel Fold 2, or it could be a Pixel Flip, which has been speculated to arrive in 2025.

Google might not be done in the foldable department, and there's a possibility it has nothing to do with the Pixel Fold. After a deep dive into the latest Pixel Buds app update, 9to5Google discovered evidence of a future Pixel foldable. The assumed future device bears the codename "Comet" alongside "Felix," the latter of which is in regard to the Pixel Fold.

Digging a bit further, Comet has been categorized as a "fold" in the app's code. What makes this unknown product even more mysterious is its codename, as it doesn't fall within the typical naming scheme Google for the current generation of Pixel phones or the following generation, which is said to feature reptile names "Komodo" and "Caiman."

It's because of this that 9to5 has been led to believe the device could fall outside of Google's usual "release cycle."

The original Pixel Fold launched back in May before shipping out to consumers the month after, so it's pretty early for Google to have started slipping in little nuggets of the Pixel Fold 2 into its apps so soon... right?

We're going to pump our breaks, but there is the possibility that this could also be a Pixel Flip. Late last year, a massive leak seemingly spoiled the company's product plans for the next couple of years. It was speculated that 2025 could be a reflective year for Google as it looks back at 2023 and 2024 to decide how its year will look.

However, it was also suggested the company could look to launch another foldable device in 2025 and that it could be a clamshell foldable to take on Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip. This future was reportedly dependent on how Google's Pixel Fold performed in its initial year.

Let's also not forget that, by 2025, Google hopes to have full authority over its Tensor chip. The Tensor G5, expected for the Pixel 10 series, is expected to have several notable improvements over previous generations as it'll be built on an entirely new processor codenamed "Laguna."

If this is truly a very early slip-up involving the Pixel Fold 2 or even a Pixel Flip, maybe there's a chance for the device to arrive sporting such an SoC.

While all of this sits in the oven for a little longer, what we can sink our teeth into is Google's fall event, where it will unveil the Pixel 8 series, and the Pixel Watch 2 is just days away on October 4.

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