Motorola's best phone in years is $100 off on Prime Day and I love it

Hands-on with the Motorola Edge+ (2023)
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It's been a long time since we've been able to recommend Motorola phones en masse at Android Central, but 2023 has been an incredible comeback for the company. If you've been pining for a great Motorola phone, you're in luck since the Motorola Edge+ (2023) is on sale for $100 off on Prime Day 2023.

The Edge+ (2023) is easily my favorite Motorola phone of all time, packing a gorgeous pOLED display into a frame that's so elegant you'll admire it all throughout the day. Plus, it packs in all those Moto features people love and an update promise that'll keep things fresh for years to come. It's been my daily driver since it came out for many, many good reasons.

Motorola Edge+ (2023): $799 $699 at Amazon

Motorola Edge+ (2023): $799 $699 at Amazon

Want a phone that'll turn heads without having to fold in half? The Motorola Edge+ (2023) is a gorgeous phone with a stunning, eye-friendly display, a surprisingly excellent camera, and four years of promised software updates.

While it might not affect everyone, the Motorola Edge+ (2023) is one of the few phones I can personally use these days without feeling sick. It's a weird problem that doesn't affect a lot of people, but if it does, you know how detrimental PWM sensitivity can be.

Motorola makes phones with amazing displays using pOLED technology, and the flicker prevention setting on this phone has been an absolutely killer feature for me. Meanwhile, just looking at the display of some other phones immediately gives me eye aches and other problems.

But even if you're not like me and don't suffer from these issues, the Motorola Edge+ (2023) is simply an amazing flagship phone.

Even the software is amazing with Motorola's light customizations on Android, including those handy Motorola gestures that people have loved for the past decade. Plus, it even comes with previously Pixel-exclusive features like Google Assistant call screening, so you can have Google tell those car warranty people to take a hike instead of having to waste your own breath.

And if you're someone who likes to take a lot of portrait mode shots — or are a person that loves that bokeh effect that makes pictures look so darn good — the Motorola Edge+ (2023) is the phone for you. Motorola somehow pulled through with the best portrait mode in the entire industry, and that includes both front and rear cameras.

Seriously, I can't get over how good portrait mode shots are on this phone. I sent a picture of my son with one of our new chickens to my co-workers this past weekend, and a bunch of them were impressed with the quality, asking what phone I took this photo with. It's going to surprise you over and over again.

Plus, the camera is capable of super bright nighttime video and horizon lock, two features that really come in clutch when you need them. Just be aware that you'll need to film in 1080p if you want all the best camera features, which could be a deal breaker for some folks.

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