Samsung's budget phones might get a taste of the flagship experience next year

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What you need to know

  • Samsung's entry-level Galaxy A phones are reportedly getting OLED displays in 2024, and the next-generation Galaxy A15 could be the first in line.
  • This is a significant upgrade over the LCD displays used in most budget phones today, with OLED displays offering better colors, higher refresh rates, and better energy efficiency.
  • The switch to OLED is likely due to the falling prices of rigid OLED panels.

Samsung's entry-level Galaxy phones might get a snazzy new screen next year, according to a new report from South Korea.

The next-generation Samsung Galaxy A15 will reportedly feature an OLED panel, as per The Elec (via Android Authority). If the report is accurate, the Galaxy A15 would be the first entry-level offering from Samsung to get this premium feature.

Samsung has already been using OLED screens in its slightly more expensive Galaxy A2X series phones, starting with the Galaxy A24 this year. But the A1X models continue to use LCD screens, the most recent of which is the Galaxy A14.

So, what's the big deal about OLED panels? Well, they offer better colors, contrast, and viewing angles than LCD screens. They're also more energy-efficient, which means your phone's battery will last longer. And some OLED screens even have higher refresh rates, which makes scrolling and gaming smoother.

According to The Elec, the reason behind this switch is that the prices of rigid OLED panels have gone down. Thanks to this drop, manufacturers like Samsung are now able to use these premium displays in their budget phones.

OEMs typically have to cut corners somewhere when producing cheap phones. This means using slower chips, weaker cameras, less RAM, and LCD panels. But thanks to the falling prices of OLED screens, you could get a great display on a budget-friendly Galaxy A phone in 2024.

Speaking of the Galaxy A15's display, rumor has it that the device will have a 6.4-inch display. Having said that, the screen will still lack a clean center punch-hole selfie camera, instead opting for Samsung's Infinity-U notch. Notches are a little out of date these days, but they're still a popular way to house the selfie camera on budget phones.

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