Boost Mobile will let customers pay their bills with Boost Coins earned by watching ads and playing games

Boost Mobile web page on an S20+
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What you need to know

  • Boost Mobile's BoostOne app allows customers to earn Boost Coins by spinning to win, watching ads, or engaging with content from partners.
  • Boost Coins can be used to pay part of your phone bill at a rate of 100 coins to $1.
  • The BoostOne app is available on Android and iOS for Boost Mobile customers.

Boost Mobile, owned by Dish, has launched its BoostOne app which is set to allow customers to earn free wireless service. This app, available on Android and iOS allows Boost Mobile customers to sign in to start earning Boost Coins that can be used to reduce their phone bills. Boost Coins can be earned by claiming daily bonuses, spinning a wheel, installing a new app, or just watching ads.

The number of Boost Coins you earn depends on how many ads will be available as well as how dedicated you are to completing daily challenges with bonuses for using the app seven days in a row. As reported by CNET, 100 Boost Coins are worth $1 off your bill. Boost Mobile's blockchain-backed Boost Coins will also eventually be able to be used to buy new phones.

While watching a quick ad may only be worth a coin or two, customers can earn bonuses up to 500 coins with daily login bonuses or just a lucky spin on the wheel.

Boost EVP of retail wireless, Stephen Stokols said in a press release:

"This represents an exciting new business model and a stepping stone into the future for wireless consumers. Most telcos rely on subscription models, but it’s time to move beyond the old ways and to embrace proven digital models popular in other industries"

Boost Mobile's owner, Dish, is working hard to deploy its own 5G coverage but for the time being, it still uses T-Mobile for the majority of its customers. Boost Mobile also has some of the cheapest data plans you can get with plans starting at just $10 per month. Even with Dish taking over, Boost Mobile still offers some of the best international add-on services, especially for those traveling to Mexico.

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