Can you use older model S Pens with the Galaxy S22 Ultra?

Galaxy S21 Ultra
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Can you use older model S Pens with the Galaxy S22 Ultra?

Yes, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will work to some degree with older S Pens from the Galaxy Note series as well as the S Pen Pro. Not all features are supported with older S Pens and the S Pen Fold Edition for the Z Fold 3 is not compatible.

These S Pens will work with your Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung's S Pens are legendary among their fans for enabling more features and more precise inputs on their Galaxy Note devices but things have changed a lot as Samsung has continued to improve the S Pen's features. Samsung has even made an S Pen for the Z Fold 3 folding phone that works on the soft interior screen.

The best S Pen to use with your S22 Ultra will be the included S Pen designed specifically for the phone or the S Pen Pro sold separately. The S Pen Pro is larger than other S Pens making it easier to hold, especially compared to the rather small S22 Ultra S Pen that could have been much better. It also has a convenient retractable tip and carrying case. The S Pen Pro works with multiple devices at once so you can move between your Samsung tablet and S22 Ultra with the push of a button.

The S Pen from the Galaxy Note series and Galaxy Tab will work on the S22 Ultra but only for writing. Extra features such as the S Pen button on older S Pens will not work or may not work as expected. The S22 S Pen should work on these older devices as well with similar limitations.

The Z Fold 3 is not compatible

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

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The Z Fold 3 is one of the best Android phones you can get with S Pen support. The S Pen from the Z Fold 3, the S Pen Fold Edition, will not work with the Galaxy S22 Ultra and furthermore, you should not try to use the S22 Ultra S Pen on your Z Fold 3 if you move between the two. The Z Fold 3's interior screen is much softer than the Gorilla Glass Victus+ on the S22 Ultra.

One important thing to keep in mind while moving between S Pens is that the storage slot on the phone is designed to be used with its specific S Pen included with that device. If you put the wrong S Pen inside your phone, it could get stuck or damage the inside of the slot. This can impact water resistance if your S Pen damages the seal inside.

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