The Google Pixel 8 Pro gets an AI boost with its first AI Core update

Hands-on with the Google Pixel 8
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What you need to know

  • The first update for AI Core brings performance improvements and ensures the latest AI models are installed for features like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur.
  • Pixel 8 Pro users should expect to receive the AI Core update automatically or can check for it manually on the Google Play Store.
  • While the update is a Pixel 8 Pro exclusive for now, unfortunately, Pixel 8 and older models are not yet in line for this AI Core boost.

Google Pixel 8 Pro users are in for a treat with the first official update for the AI Core app, an essential behind-the-scenes force driving AI features across Android.

This app has been hanging out on Pixel phones and tablets since the Android 14 release, as per 9to5Google, which caught wind of the first update for the app. However, right now, it's only available for the Pixel 8 Pro, but there's hope for other Pixel phones to get it soon. If you have a Pixel 8 Pro, the update should install itself automatically.

AI Core isn't like most apps that you launch or see an icon for. Instead, it's a background service that quietly runs on your Pixel phone, providing the AI power that makes some of its AI-powered features work well.

The app acts as the brain behind your Pixel 8 Pro's smart features. It's designed to make your camera smarter, your Google Assistant more helpful, and your phone recommendations more personalized.

On top of those capabilities, AI Core manages the on-device AI models for things like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur. These models get regular tune-ups for peak performance, and AI Core ensures your device rocks the latest models.

Many of today's leading Android phones are packed with AI features, but some of that AI work is sent to the cloud. AI Core handles the local AI game for the Pixel 8 Pro, making sure it can handle its own AI tasks quickly and efficiently.

For some reason, though, the app has vanished from the Google Play Store. This could be a sign that Google is planning a big reveal about AI Core.

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