AC Podcast 588: Will Android Actually Improve in 2023?

Android Central writer Nick Sutrich throws 2022 in the trash and opens a box with 2023 in it.
(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

On this week's episode of the Android Central podcast Shruti Shekar, Jerry Hildenbrand, Nicholas Sutrich, and Andrew Myrick discuss 2022's disappointing output for tech, how Android can potentially improve in 2023, the highlights from CES, the striking design of the OnePlus 11, and wireless charging improvements, and much more!


2022 was a frustratingly awful year for tech, with just a few highlights

Here's how we hope the Android world will improve in 2023

No, your old Arlo cameras are not being bricked

The OnePlus 11 design is out of this world

Qi2: We can all thank Apple for fixing wireless charging


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Jeramy Johnson

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